Mindy Kaling may just be the most relatable Indian-American celebrity in Hollywood. While she started her career with the hit sitcom ‘The Office’, she has played a key role in representing the Indian community on American television by producing shows with an Indian lead! But that’s not the reason why we find her so relatable; the reason why we adore her so much is that she loves food as much as we do. Despite growing up in the United States, she is a big fan of desi food. Her Tamil and Bengali roots make her a big fan of South Indian food and Bengali food, but her love for Indian cuisine doesn’t stop there. Recently, she was hankering for some dhokla and instead of eating just dhokla, Mindy was surprised with a full-fledged Gujarati feast at home! Take a look:

Mindy Kaling had asked her Gujarati friend’s mother to make some dhoklas for her, and as a result of her small request, her friend’s mother ended up delighting Mindy with more than one Gujarati dish! Mindy informed her followers that her friend’s mother “makes the most delicious Gujarati food”. In the images, we spotted idra (white dhokla), dhokla, sambharo (Gujarati style cabbage sabzi), chapatti, pulao and more! She captioned one of her images as “I asked for her special dhokla and she made me A FEAST” and also added that she “ate four helpings!” If you are craving some Gujarati food after looking at Mindy Kaling’s mouth-watering feast, we have found some easy Gujarati recipes you can easily make at home to satisfy yourself:

Mindy Kaling is a big foodie! From sharing her easy recipes to indulging in scrumptious desi dishes, Mindy Kaling loves to keep her 6.4 million followers up to date on her foodie habits. Like most people, Mindy loves to eat food, however she doesn’t enjoy standing in the kitchen for hours! For lazy cooks like us, she found an easy pasta recipe that can make a wholesome meal without tiring us; sounds wonderful right?!

What did you think of Mindy Kaling’s Gujarati meal? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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