What is your background as a Dietitian?  

I didn’t realize I wanted to be a dietitian until I was 3 years into an Engineering degree at the University of Saskatchewan. I was playing basketball for the university and studying sport nutrition in my “free time” to see how it could help me improve my game.  

With some ‘gentle’ nudges from friends and family, I decided to change my career path and pursue a degree in nutrition with hopes to support other athletes.  

While completing my nutrition degree and internship, I had the opportunity to work a couple of nutrition focused jobs as a nutrition student. One was teaching general nutrition and healthy lifestyle strategies to families and the other was supporting mental health outcomes through lifestyle and basic nutrition strategies. This was my first real introduction to how impactful nutrition really could be for quality of life.  

I moved to Calgary, AB, after completing my internship and have worked in many different roles. I feel like I have done it all at this point. I have worked in food service, long term care, cardiac health, and more, but my passion is in the field of eating disorders, athletics, and mental health.  

I have completed additional certifications and training in each of these areas. Most recently, I have been working towards completing my Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology to add to my qualifications as a Registered Dietitian.  

In 2017, I had the honour of joining the team of Dietitians at Health Stand Nutrition and I have never looked back.  


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