Seasonal fruits are a delight. And, the one that is currently ruling our fruit baskets is mango. Well, at the same time, we can’t forget that the onset of monsoon is an alarm for all mango lovers. Reason: soon the time will come when we have to bid adieu to the fruit. Therefore, savouring them as much as possible is the ultimate goal. Relatable? It seems fashion designer Masaba Gupta agrees with us here. She prefers “an aam start to an amazing day”. Well, we have to give Masaba full marks for the caption. Don’t you think? In the picture, Masaba is sitting on a chair with a box full of chopped mangoes. The actress, along with her foodie tale, has added that the promotion campaign for the upcoming season of the Netflix series Masaba Masaba has started. Well, now, we have all the more reason to be excited. 

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The summer diet is ruled by mangoes, and we now have more than one reason to gorge on them. Mangoes are full of essential nutrients that aid bodily health. These are the health benefits of mangoes you weren’t aware of. Let’s take a look.

Here are 5 Health Benefits Of Mangoes:

1.Helps In Digestion:

Mangoes can do wonders to help your digestive tract work efficiently. Certain enzymes released by mangoes help in breaking down protein content in the body.

2.Boosts Immunity:

Mangoes contain vitamin C, in abundance along with other different kinds of carotenoids. All these nutrients are beneficial in strengthening the immune system and keeping it strong and healthy.

3.Eye Health:

They are also loaded with vitamin A. Therefore, it is one of the preferred fruits to improve eyesight. Eating mangoes can also prevent night blindness and dry eyes.

4.Gut Health:

Mango flesh contains prebiotic dietary fibre, which feeds good bacteria in the gut. Including mangoes in your diet can prevent leaky gut-related health issues like asthma, slow metabolism, and allergies.

5.Clear Skin:

It’s true that mangoes may cause acne but the story doesn’t end here. Mangoes are good for skin health in many ways. They are loaded with anti-oxidants which remove all toxins from the body, giving a glowing skin.

So what are you waiting for? Slice a few mangoes and binge on!

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