Manitou has updated its Jack Dropper Seat Post range adding 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameter posts with drop lengths of 185mm and 160mm, as well as an 80mm drop post for shorter riders, or those wanting to add a little extra clearance for descending on their gravel bike.

Manitou Jack Dropper Post

manitou jack dropper seat posts

The cartridge of the Manitou Jack Dropper Post can be fully rebuilt to replace the bushing and seals when the time comes

The Manitou Jack Dropper Seat Post is internally-routed, cable-operated for extension and depression of the post. It features a cartridge bearing, giving rise to a smooth, precise operation, said to be the smoothest on the market.

It includes a Manitou cable head which has the same dimensions of a cable clamp, allowing all the cable tension adjustment to be completed on the lever side. The Jack’s post head gets a traditional 2-Bolt clamp for securing the saddle rails and adjusting saddle tilt.

manitou jack post head 2-bolt saddle clamp

A “revive” port on the post head allows the cartridge to be bled. The actuator on the bottom of the post is able to rotate through 360° (tool free) reducing bend stress on the cable as it exits.

Unlike its predecessor, the new Manitou Jack dropper lever is compatible with the Dominion Peacemaker, a useful feature should you wish to pair it with your SRAM or Shimano shifter if bar space is in short supply. If you do use the Peacemaker, there are three possible mounting points available to allow the rider to tailor the remote’s position relative to the shifter.

manitou jack dropper post lever remote dominion peacemaker compatible

A small grub screw secures the end of the cable in place while a barrel adjuster takes care of all tensioning duties at the remote end only. 

new manitou jack dropper specifications weight length

Further information on pricing and availability to follow.



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