Online food delivery has made our life so much easier. We can easily order any cuisine and get it delivered to the comfort of our homes. However, online food delivery also has come with its own problems. Sometimes your order may not arrive on time; your food might get spilled because of poor packaging, and other times, you order food to the wrong address. Recently, one of the Twitter users, Jitu Galani, also accidentally ordered food at the wrong address. Fortunately, Jitu was quick to realise his mistake and cancelled the order to get a refund. But, when Jitu shared this incident with his family, nothing could have prepared him for a savage reply from his parents.

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In a Tweet, Jitu posted a screenshot from his family chat group. The screenshot of the conversation explained what happened. Jitu sent a message saying, “Swiggy se refund mil gaya, galat jagah order ho gaya tha wo (Swiggy has refunded the money, had placed the order at the wrong address).” As soon as his father saw his message, he took the opportunity to tease his son and replied saying, “Tu bhi galti se order huya tha lekin mujhe toh refund nahi mila (You were also ordered by mistake, but I did not receive a refund.).” Further, joining the banter in the group, his mom also replied with a laughing emoji. Check out his post here:

Ever since he made this post, it has received 447 retweets and four thousand likes. Many people have also engaged with the post and commented on it. Check out some of the reactions below:

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“Dard hua par chalta hai (Felt hurt, but it’s okay.).”

“Even your mother is laughing.”

“Uncle is so savage.”

“Epic level bezzati bhai (This is an epic level insult.).”

“Apply cold water to the burned area.”

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