New research has found that male athletes may have poor bone health and low testosterone levels. RED-S (relative energy deficiency in sport) was previously characterized as a female disease. But this new research shows that men are also at risk of developing the syndrome.

The prevalence of RED-S is not yet known in men, so more studies are needed. The syndrome is characterized by low energy availability when athletes eat too few calories compared with the energy they expend through exercise. A clear sign of this syndrome in women was an absence of menstruation, but men do not have a clear indicator.

Some signs of RED-S in men can include low testosterone, poor bone health, lack of sleep, and low resting metabolism. When metabolism lowers, it means that the body prioritizes vital functions at the expense of other systems in the body. This means that the rest will not function as well as they should. All of these factors can contribute to an athlete having less energy available than they should have.

Thomas Bikedal Stenqvist, who has one of the first thesis’ on the subject, explains, “In the long run, this will affect performance in sport. There will be issues such as poorer recovery and that the body does not produce the hormones needed to reach the performance level you want.”

 Maintaining Bone Health and Testosterone Levels

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