We don’t have to mention that Malaika Arora is a big-time foodie. Her Instagram uploads make a strong case for it. Though the actress loves to embark on culinary adventures, the humble desi meal remains her all-time favourite. And, Malaika’s latest Instagram Reels is yet another proof. Even during her “one night in Goa”, the actress preferred desi food over fancy platters. We can spot a bowl of curry, as well as, dal along with a plate of salad loaded with cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, green chilli, and lemon on Malaika’s dinner table. 

Take a look:

We don’t know about you but Malaika Arora’s desi indulgences trigger our taste buds like no other. We say home-cooked desi food for the win. A week ago, the actress made us crave South Indian meals. She first gorged on some crispy and delicious homemade murukkus. And, of course, didn’t miss flaunting her cooking skills on Instagram. Posting a snap, featuring some murukkus placed on a napkin and a few in the pan, the actress wrote, “Homemade murukkus… perfect for this weather.” Next in line was a hearty Avial curry, paired with a South Indian-style potato salad. “Avial for the win,” she wrote in the caption.

Fans are quite aware of Malaika Arora’s sinful indulgences. The actress, from time to time, shatters fitness myths that link health to soups and salads. Do you remember when she gobbled down a thali, comprising typical vegetables and curries which are common to Indian households? The thali had arhar and kali masoor dal, next to palak paneer and aloo ki sabzi, some steamed rice and bajre ki roti. Healthy and yummy appear to be the perfect adjectives.

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