The dining culture has evolved by notches in the past decade. Drive-through restaurants, food delivery apps, mobile food vans – all facilitate convenience and feasibility for the consumers. Innovations like these have always impressed us and enkindled excitement for the new ones. So, when we spotted this novel e-mobile dining table, it surely piqued our curiosity. It was none other than industrialist Anand Mahindra who discovered this and shared it with his followers on Twitter. Anand Mahindra, for a long time, has been actively posting about lesser-known food facts, street food vendors that eventually went viral, and new food innovations like this one. 

Anand Mahindra posted a video on Twitter showing a group of four men chatting and enjoying their meal on a moving dining table. The video also shows the vehicle stopping at a petrol pump, where an attendant comes forward to refuel it. When it’s done, one of the men restarts the vehicle to get it back on the wheels again. He captioned the post – “I guess this is e-mobility. Where ‘e’ stands for eat…”. 

Take a look at the post: 

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Eating on the go – the e-mobile dining concept seemed to have excited people. The well-laid-out table was covered with a white table cloth and had flower decorations, wine glasses, plates and cloth napkins placed on the table – offering a luxury dining experience. The post received almost 40k comments and more than 4k retweets. Many users commented how this is going to be the future when people would meet up over dinner on the wheels to save time. A user also wondered if Mahindra would be launching it soon. Almost all the users appreciated the invention.  

Check out some of the interesting reactions here: 

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Do you also fancy this kind of food-on-wheels experience? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.  

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