Reimagining modern helmet design with over ten years of research, development, and testing, Lazer introduces its new KinetiCore helmet technology. This revolutionary new design features built-in rotational-impact protection thanks to unique Controlled Crumple Zones incorporated into the internal structure of the helmet. The result of this integrated design is advanced multi-directional protection that uses less overall material for improved ventilation and a lighter-weight helmet design.


The KinetiCore Evolution
More than a decade ago, as awareness of rotational-impact injuries began to grow and other technologies developed, Lazer began developing its own innovative rotation-impact technology that was built into helmets rather than added on as an extra layer. To do that, Lazer’s design team started by assessing how different types of impacts affect cyclists. Using advanced simulations to examine what happens to riders’ skulls and brains in the event of direct and rotational impacts, Lazer designers and engineers created thousands of templates in their quest for a unique, built-in protection system.


Drawing inspiration from leading automotive manufacturers’ engineered crumple zones that are designed to keep passengers safe in the event of an impact, Lazer engineers applied similar principles and concepts to helmet EPS foam designs. This concept eventually led to the creation of crumple zones on the inside of the helmet.

The result is KinetiCore’s Controlled Crumple Zones – a unique set of EPS foam blocks and channels built into the helmet that is designed to break in the event of both direct and rotational impacts, redirecting energy away from the brain and providing advanced protection.

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KinetiCore Benefits
The fact that KinetiCore is integrated into the helmet is crucial as it results in less plastic being used in the construction, which reduces the overall weight of the helmet and allows for increased ventilation and improved airflow through each design.


2022 KinetiCore Models
KinetiCore is a new benchmark for lightweight, protective helmets designed for every type of cyclist and will be available in six different models ranging from performance road, MTB, urban, and kids’ models.


Kids’ Models




Availability: Lazer’s range of KinetiCore helmets will be released on March 30, 2022, with the Strada, Jackal, Nutz, and Pnut KinetiCore helmets in stores at embargo. The Vento and CityZen KinetiCore helmets will arrive in stores by mid-April.

Lazer is passion, performance and the joy of riding.

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