Karisma Kapoor continues to stun us with her beauty and envious fitness regime. But do you know what’s more interesting? It’s fantastic how she doesn’t refrain from the urge to devour her favourite foods from time to time. She is currently chilling with her friends in London. Karisma treated us to a view of her Saturday binge and it’s all things sweet and delectable. On her Instagram Stories, the first thing that caught our attention was a plate of cheesecakes arranged neatly. The yummy delights are topped with strawberries, each adding more beauty and flavour to the delicacy.

Besides that, we could also see a scrumptious green-hued cake topped with various colourful floral detailing. This massive dessert is kept in a glass cake stand. Seems like Karisma was just about to devour the treats, but before that, she thought of sharing the excitement with her Instafam. She just added a sticker that read “Saturday”.

Take a look:


Karisma Kapoor shared some desserts on her Instagram stories.

Now, looking at Karisma Kapoor’s food diaries, if you’ve started craving cheesecakes, worry not. Here’s the recipe for a drool-worthy blueberry cheesecake that you can prepare at home. It’s light and creamy and overall, everything you need to satiate your sweet tooth. It’s a heavenly dessert, you will never regret having.

If not cheesecake, you can try this yummy plum cake. It carries the goodness of dried cherries, almonds, raisins and many other dry fruits. It’s a great dessert and you can pair it up with your evening cuppa.

Karisma Kapoor likes to be expressive about her foodie side. She often shares snapshots from her food diaries and makes us crave a number of dishes. Recently, we saw her enjoying a scrumptious pizza. Her Instagram Stories featured the delight loaded with various toppings including cheese and sauces. She just added a sticker that read, “You and me forever,” with an illustration of pizza in the backdrop.

Not just meals or desserts, Karisma Kapoor equally loves her snacks. Once she shared a picture of a super tempting Maharashtrian snack. Her Instagram Stories showed a sabudana vada with some yummy green chutney on the side of the plate. The deep-fried snack made with tapioca pearls, potatoes and some mild spices looked every bit crispy. Karisma wrote, “Sabudana vada,” and added a slurp emoji.

If you observe closely, you would know that Karisma Kapoor mostly binges on cakes on weekends. Maybe that’s her way of enjoying a cheat meal to the fullest. Right? Once, we saw her digging in a sumptuous chocolate cake that looked equal parts soft and gooey. The fluffy delight was decorated with chocolate cream. While captioning the post, she wrote, “Uff Ded,” with various emojis.

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