By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Javoparodha means to obstruct or reduce the speed (velocity or drive) in the body.
The word Javoparodha is made up of 2 terms i.e. Java and Uparodha.
Java = speed, velocity, impulse, quick, inspire, drive
Uparodha = obstruction, interrupt

Speed or drive mentioned above is very essential in the body for all functions to take place in an unhampered way. It is needed in optimum quality and quantity and needs to be in balance according to one’s body constitution if the day to day activities need to be carried out uninterruptedly. Every ‘body function’ takes place with different speed and velocity. This speed or motivation to the body activities is provided by vata. The activities of mind and the velocity with which the information is passed on to and fro are also influenced by vata.
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If the speed or the drive to do any work becomes less, the enthusiasm or the energy in the person to do any given task will come down.

When the vata functionally deteriorates it will fail to give the drive or speed and velocity. We will feel loss of interest and enthusiasm to do any work. The opposing factors of vata might also get increased simultaneously i.e. components of the kapha group, like meda – fat tissue and kleda – moisture etc.
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Javoparoda – a symptom in obesity

Java uparodha is one of the symptoms which develops in the pathogenesis of sthoulya (obesity). Therefore it is manifested due to imbalances in fat metabolism and its deposition in excess.
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Pathogenesis of Javoparodh in obese persons

Increase of fat tissue in the body → leading to obstruction to the pathways of vata → which in turn leads to decreased drive and velocity needed to conduct any activity → leading to lack of enthusiasm and interest to do task

Direct reply given by Master Charaka – Due to being obese, these people will become delicate and body will become lax since only fat tissue is nourished. The fat tissue will take away all the nutrition supply and will eventually cause nutritional depletion to other tissues. This will lead to imbalance of tissues in the body. This will cause lack of enthusiasm and drive. Due to obesity the body of the person will also become heavy which will eventually decrease the enthusiasm, velocity, interest and drive.

Abnormal increase of only fat tissue and compromised levels of other tissues might also be the cause of javoparodha. But the mechanism is same. Else Master Charaka would have mentioned the word ‘anutsaha’ instead of javoparodha. Anutsaha also means ‘lack of enthusiasm, interest or drive’ which can be both physical and mental and due to other causes and pathogenesis as those of javoparodha.
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Sanskrit Verses

‘Maha Java’ word explained in the ‘vyana vata’

Here Vyana Vata is said to move with great speed and velocity all through the body. If this speed is reduced by any opposing factors, movements, moving upwards, moving downwards, blinking eyes etc activities will come down and the person will lose enthusiasm to do anything. This happens most often than not in obese and overweight people. The same term ‘java’ used in ‘maha java’ in the context of explanation of ‘vyana vata’ is also used in ‘javoparodha’. Both mean the same.

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