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Something must be made clear.

As much as I love hitting personal records, steadily improving workout performance, and answering the “What else can I do?” question, do not forget that wins come in many different forms.

They are not exclusive to performance improvements and personal records, changes in bodyweight or measurements, or other things commonly associated with nutrition and fitness “success.” Many wins can’t be displayed in photographs or a training log.

This is crucial to understand because what if you’re suddenly managing an injury and can’t set personal records because you have to focus on rehab? What if you have other interests or commitments that demand your time, so your workouts are brief and done with lower-than-usual energy levels? What about times when working out is the last thing you want to do, and your workouts are devoid of performance improvements?

This is when you must discover the other wins that matter for long-term success.

Showing up for a workout, especially when you don’t feel like it, and doing the workout anyway, is a win.

Being proud of yourself when you do reach a milestone and not instantly disqualifying your achievements with statements like, “But it was just …” or “I know it’s not a lot …”.

Learning a new exercise or training technique that was intimidating is a win.

Coasting through workout slumps when motivation is nonexistent is a win. 

Skipping several workouts, but getting back on track a week later, is a win.

Listening to your body and respecting its limits on any given day, and “living to lift another day,” is a win. 

Not being so hard on yourself when you slip up is a win.

Not overthinking things and instead taking action immediately is a win.

Focusing on what your body can do, even if those things are limited by injuries or ailments, is a win.

Showing up for yourself and doing something because your worth the self-care investment is a win.

Knowing how to handle bad workouts productively instead of being upset by them is a win.

Getting stronger is fun and improving your workout performance is empowering. But these are not the only things that matter. Every win is important. 

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