We all know about collecting art, antiques, stamps and other such exclusive things; but have you ever heard of soda can collection?! Sounds interesting; right? We too recently came across one such interesting news and hence thought of sharing it with you. A man named Christian Cavaletti from Italy has a whopping collection of 12,402 Pepsi cans. You read that right.

According to the official website of Guinness World Records, Christian Cavaletti began collecting Pepsi cans in 1989. His collection has cans from all over the world and many limited editions of the soda. In fact, this extensive assortment of cans has broken the record for the largest collection of Pepsi cans in the world.

Today, he has cans from 81 different countries. His basement is filled with shelves that he made to store all his Pepsi cans. Like a library, all the cans are divided in chronological order, by country.

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Some special items in Christian’s collection include- the very first edition of Pepsi can ever made (1948), the ‘space can’ made in 1985 etc. The report further reads that he also owns a special edition Pepsi can with silver background and a picture of him holding Guinness World Records certificate printed on the can.

Originally from Milan, Christian first broke the record in March 2004 with 4,391 Pepsi cans. His collection, which is now no less than a museum, was again recounted recently in March 2022 – almost 20 years after he made the first record.

Explaining his achievement on his website, Christian says that he aims to turn his collection into an in-depth exhibit of “all things Pepsi cans”. “More than 15,000 different cans will be displayed, but day by day, the number will increase, making each visit a unique experience, even after several times,” Christian writes on his website.

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