David Folch, the man behind DirtySixer, has been busying himself with the development of his first eBike; and of course, it rolls on 36″ wheels. The brand are well-known for their massive all-road and commuter bicycles, having supplied 36ers to many a star basketball player, including LeBron James, Mark Eaton, Kevin Durant, and Shaquille O’Neal. Now, the eDirtySixer is rolling into town with a Shimano e8000 motor and a 500 Wh downtube-integrated battery. Here’s what we know so far.

DirtySixer eBike Prototype

DirtySixer claim the eDirtySixer eBike is the largest electric bike in the world, and it probably is if you limit your search to all-road or commuter eBikes, but i’m sure there is some ridiculously slack eMTB out there somewhere that will challenge it on wheelbase, even with smaller 29″ wheels. Anyway, we’re not here to squabble over who’s got the biggest bike. What we do have here is the world’s first fully integrated electric bike rolling on a 36″ wheelset.

edirtysixer ebike 36er biggest electriv bicycle 500 wh battery

After a successful crowdfunding campaign for the AllRoad Mark II, DirtySixer are occupying themselves by prototyping and testing its eBike equivalent, the eDirtySixer. We have two variations on the eDirtySixer Class I eBike to share with you; one running a dual-crown suspension fork more commonly seen on downhill mountain bikes, and another with a more humble rigid fork.

edirtysixer ebike 36er rigid fork 500 wh battery shimano e8000 motor

Both are fully integrated with a Shimano e8000 motor delivering a peak power output of 70Nm, powered by a downtube integrated 500 Wh battery. Claimed range is around 60 miles on a flat surface, though of course that will very much depend on the rider’s input and their weight, amongst other things.

The eDirtySixer eBike with the inverted dual-crown MRP suspension fork weighs a claimed around 65lbs

Both 36er eBikes use a Rohloff Speed Hub XXL with a Gates Belt Drive for power transmission to the rear wheel. Nextie 36″ carbon rims are seated with Vee Tire Co’s Trax Monster Tires.

The next eDirtySixer prototype will test an integrated automatic gearbox and motor from French company Valeo/Effigear.

DirtySixer say their new 36er eBike will be the ultimate electric SUV on two wheels, dominating the city, roads and trails. Watch this space, folks. More information is coming your way when we have it.



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