The National Health Authority of India has put up a digital dashboard for its flagship scheme Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission.

The ABDM dashboard displays a real-time feed of registries made under its three core blocks: Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) numbers, Healthcare Professionals Registry (HPR) and Health Facility Registry (HFR). 

The dashboard can show the number of ABHAs generated at a national, state, or union territory level, as well as categorise the count by sex and age. 

For HFR, the dashboard shows an infographic of ownership, (government or private), systems of medicine, and state-wise facilities registered under ABDM.

The HPR side also segregates the number of registered people by employment, systems of medicine, and state or union territory.

The dashboard shows as of 31 May that there are about 221.7 million ABHAs, around 70,000 health facilities, and more than 16,7000 health professionals registered under ABDM. 


The public dashboard was made to ensure transparency in the progress of the ABDM programme, said NHA CEO, Dr Ram Sewak Sharma.

“The ABDM public dashboard puts the updated information related to the scheme in the public domain to ensure all stakeholders have access to the data in a transparent manner,” he said in a media statement.


The NHA recently upgraded its health ID app. Formerly the National Digital Health Mission’s Health Records app, the ABHA mobile app on Google Play Store now has a new user interface and an added functionality allowing users to easily access their health records through their smartphones.

Aside from the public dashboard for ABDM, the NHA is also preparing an online list of registered Indian health professionals as part of the government’s Heal by India initiative. Starting mid-June, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other professionals in the country’s health sector can voluntarily register themselves on the said portal where they can also state which country of employment they wish to work for.

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