Indian food has a wide range of things to offer, but we all know that kebabs have a different fan following. Whether veg kebabs or non-veg kebabs, there is something about these treats that we simply can’t get enough of. The popularity of this dish is so much that we can easily find them in any restaurant, cafe, and even on the sides of the street. Plus, many people even make it at home. However, when one cooks them at home, they might not get that exact kebab taste. So, how to do that? Well, here we bring some quick and easy tips with which you can master making kebabs at home.

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Here Are 5 Tips To Remember When Making Kebabs

1. Size of the kebab

If you are making a non-vegetarian kebab, make sure that the size of the meat is not too big or too small. If the size is too small, then there are chances that your meat will get burnt from the outside. And if the meat is too big, it might not get cooked from the inside. The ideal way of getting the size right is to ensure it is bite-sized.

2. Marination

Marination is the key to bringing out flavours. Don’t be shy when you are using spices or herbs. Add it to your paste, and make sure that the marinade you create is thin. If you can, let your kebabs marinate overnight or at least for two-three hours. This way, the flavour increases.

3. Butter it up

Whether you are cooking kebabs on your pan or with a piece of charcoal, butter it up nicely before cooking. Buttering the kebab gives it a luscious salty taste and makes it softer from the outside.

4. Add Vegetables

Some of us prefer to have kebabs just as it is, but adding vegetables like grilled onions, capsicum and tomatoes makes it more fulfilling and delicious! When you grill these vegetables on a pan, it adds more smokiness to the dish. Make sure to toss these vegetables in some butter!

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5. Don’t Overcook

Even when you monitor the cooking progress, you frequently overcook the same food. Don’t rely on heat or temperature to give your kebab its restaurant-style colour. The finest colour for the kebabs will come through paprika or Kashmiri chilli powder.

So, the next time you make kebabs, keep these tips in mind before cooking!

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