I have previously reviewed IMO phones so was keen to try out the latest model the IMO Q2 Pro and see how good this budget phone is. If you are looking for a phone for a youngster then would this be a good phone? Read on to see what I think and whether I would recommend it.

Choosing a new phone

Are you looking for a new phone? It is easy to get distracted by the big names and latest models but are they all they are cracked up to be? Do you really need the latest phone with a better camera if you don’t take photos anyway, for example?

Are you planning on keeping your phone for emergencies only? If this is the case then why would you need the latest iPhone to never get used in a drawer or pocket?

If you are struggling to afford a new phone then I would highly recommend looking at budget phones such as the IMO Q2 Pro and also looking at sim-only plans with your current phone. Never get in debt for the latest phone unless it is absolutely necessary.

Setting the phone up?

The IMO Q2 Pro is really easy to set up, if you have set up phones before you will have no trouble. Whereas many phones now have enclosed batteries, this phone has a separate batter to put in yourself by removing the back. This is also where you place the sim card and if you wish, a memory card.

The IMO Q2 Pro is an android phone and as such can be set up quickly with a Google account to move over everything you had on a previous Android phone. Alternatively to set it up as a new phone without any back ups can be done in 5 minutes or so.

IMO Q2 Pro specs

A few of the specs of this phone you might want to know at a glance are:

  • 4-inch screen
  • 16GB memory and 1GB RAM
  • 2MP (front) and 5MP (rear) camera
  • Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity
  • Face unlock
  • Uses Android 11 Go
  • Up to 15 days standby time and 7 hrs talk time.
  • Lightweight at 112g
  • Memory card can be added up to 32GB
  • 4G Speed

Why I love the IMO Q2 Pro

I must say I am so surprised at how good the phone is for such a low cost. It is £39.99 with a minium top up of £10. That said, for £10 a month you can use unlimited texts, 500 minutes and 5GB data so more than enough for most people who use wifi at home! Check the different packages available here from EE.

I love my current handset (A Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G) due to the camera and memory it has as I use it for work. That said it is frustratingly heavy and big and sometimes I wish I had a smaller handset. I have recently talked about losing weight and getting fit again so would think a phone like this is a perfect emergency phone to carry when running as it would fit easily in a small pocket!

Who the IMO Q2 Pro is perfect for

I think this is a perfect small handset for youngsters who want a first phone that is low in cost and perfect for small hands whilst still doing pretty much everything their parent’s phone can do!

This phone would also be perfect for someone who needs an easy to carry phone for work as it is light and small and due to being low cost if it is dropped it wouldn’t be too expensive to replace!

Read more about the IMO Q2 Pro.

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