We have a myriad of reasons to love our warm and comforting bowl of noodles. From being a late-night saviour to the best go-to quick evening meal, noodles, in all its forms, have been an indulgent treat for most of us. With the recent advancements in the culinary world, we have seen many versions of noodles evolved – chilli garlic noodles, creamy noodles, schezwan noodles, noodles momos, chow mein roll and many more. Each of these recipes are nothing less than a delectable treat. However, while making these recipes at home, many of us face an issue. And the issue is when noodles stick together in the process of boiling. It is the most common problem while preparing noodles at home. Worry not! Here we bring you some steps in which you can dissolve this problem. Take a look.

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Here Are Few Steps That You Must Follow Before Boiling Noodles:

Stir It Frequently

There is nothing better to prevent noodles from sticking together than stirring frequently. When you put the raw noodles in, you should use a plastic or wooden spoon and physically move all of the noodles around and separate them as much as possible. Stirring is very mandatory in the first half of the boiling process.

Add Enough Water

There can also be a time when you keep stirring in between but still your noodles stick to each other. Well then you should check the water quantity. The golden rule while boiling the noodles is that too much water is better than less water. Ultimately, we have to strain the water from the noodles.

Rinse Immediately In Freshwater

Once the noodles are cooked, pour onto a strainer to remove the extra water. Ensure that it is entirely dry. Add 5-6 cups of cold fresh water to the noodles and drain them again. Be careful not to break the noodles while doing this.

Add Oil After Boiling The Noodles

Do not add oil while boiling the noodles because oil and water do not mix together. So, it makes no sense to add oil in the noodles while boiling. Instead add oil in a pan and add the cooked pasta. By following this, you can prevent your noodles from sticking for a longer time.

Follow these steps while making the noodles and let us know how they worked for you.

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