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Do you have a loft space that you are eager to make good use of? Why not transform this room into a peaceful sanctuary where rest and relaxation are the sole focus. 

Daily life can be challenging, so creating a designated space to unwind can be an extremely rewarding venture. Here’s how to get started. 

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Minimalism is all about using as few and as simple elements as possible to decorate your room. This doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on comforts or essentials, but the design of your room is simply thought about in a different way.

This may include having smart storage solutions, monochromatic bedding, and functional appliances to reduce the number of items you need and an illusion of ‘busyness’. 

Minimalism creates environments that are clean and spacious. These properties have been linked to getting a better night’s sleep and a reduction in stress and anxiety. So, if you want your room to act as a sanctuary – a minimalist interior is definitely something to consider.


It can be quite difficult to maximise space in a loft room due to their often-tricky shapes and sloped roofs. This is why investing in a specialised fitted loft wardrove is a must, as it will help open up the already limited space you have. 

Here, you can store your clothes and other belongings to reduce the amount of clutter on show – essential if you are opting for the minimalist design! You will also free up a whole lot more floor space which is great if you’re looking to do some at-home yoga or meditation.

Ditch the TV

When getting in from work, it’s particularly easy and comforting to flop into bed and turn the telly on. 

However,  having a TV in your room can disrupt sleeping patterns and as a result cause other complications such as heart disease, obesity, and poor eyesight.

Additionally, TV can often drown out your own thoughts or prohibit conversation. If you want your loft room to truly be a nirvana where you connect with yourself or another person, leave the plasma screen out this time. 


Scent can be especially helpful when it comes to relaxation, as we associate some smells with wakefulness and urgency, and others with restfulness and relaxation. In this case, choose a scent that fits the purpose of your loft room.

Not only do they provide a lovely scent, but burning candles can create a soft glow and contribute to the overall atmosphere of the room. 

If you are dedicated to transforming your loft room into your own personal nirvana, keeping in mind these simple tips will get you halfway there!

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