Subtle yet rich in taste, South Indian food is the epitome of comfort in every bite. We have a range of south Indian items that people across the country love to have. From the beloved idli, dosas, and vadas to the avial, chicken Chettinad, biryanis, and more, there is something about this food we all enjoy. However, whenever you go to a south Indian restaurant, have you ever noticed that they often serve you brown colour powder that is dipped in ghee and goes well with everything?! That powder is called podi masala! It has a rich taste and gives your dishes an extra zing. While you can find packets of them at any restaurant or shop, you can also make this amazing masala at home.

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Dal, garlic, and a number of dry spices make up podi masala. The podi masala is a rich source of health-improving ingredients and can be used to flavour curries, stews, sabzis, or be used as a side accompaniment with idli or vadas. Once you make this at home, you can store it in any container and preserve it for up to a month. So, without waiting, check out the full recipe of this podi masala below:

Podi Masala Recipe: Here’s How To Make Podi Masala

First, in a pan, add sesame seeds and roast them. Take them out in a bowl. Now add oil to the pan and throw in dry red chillies. Also, add curry leaves, chana dal, and urad dal. Roast them well. Now transfer this all to a blender and make a powder. Add salt. Your podi masala is ready! When you serve it as a side dish, don’t forget to add a hot teaspoon of ghee over it.

For the full recipe of this yummy podi masala, click here.

Try out this fantastic recipe and let us know how you liked its taste.

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