Potatoes are one of the most versatile root vegetables out there. It can be mashed, roasted, deep-fried, baked, you name it and it could probably be done with a potato. Because of the versatility, we buy potatoes in bulk. From dinner to lunch, snacks and more, we eat this vegetable at least once a day. However, have you ever noticed that potatoes start sprouting after a certain period of time? Wondered why? Well, it’s because enzymes in the potato convert starch into sugar. This sugar provides energy for sprouts to grow from the eyes (buds) of the potato. Here we bring you 5 simple hacks to keep potatoes from sprouting.

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Here’s A List Of Simple Hacks To Keep Potatoes From Sprouting

1. Store Them With Herbs

You can store potatoes with any herb to avoid early sprouting. All you need to do is take a muslin cloth or a cotton bag, fill it with rosemary or any herb, close it and keep it in your potato basket. That’s all!

2. Do not Store Potatoes With Apples

If you want your potatoes to stay fresher for longer, there’s one fruit you should never store them near and it is apples. Want to know why? It’s because apples produce high levels of ethylene gas, which cause potatoes to spoil at the early stage.

3. Keep Them In Dark Area

Have you ever noticed why vegetable sellers keep their potatoes in a dark brown sack? Well, that’s because sunlight can’t pass through these sacks. Storing potatoes in a dark area keeps them fresh for a long period of time.

4. Do Not Store Raw Potatoes In Refrigerator

It is not okay for potatoes to get wet or absorb moisture. Therefore, do not put them in the fridge. Potatoes and onions don’t really need extra water to stay fresh. Exposure to extra water will result in sprouting.

Keep these things in mind before storing potatoes. Let us know how these hacks worked for you.

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