Every body type is not created equally, and likewise, every style of jeans is not either. Finding a great pair of jeans is only half the battle, looking good in them is the other half. Here I will share with you tips to help you find the best jeans for you!

In order to look good in jeans, you have to find the right jeans for your body shape and the right clothes and footwear for jeans to round out your look to get the best overall effect.

While some people will be happy to toss on any old pair of jeans and a top (often me!), others want to stand out and really look good. if you want to really look your best in jeans, here are some great tips.

Motorcross or ultra-skinny jeans

For fans of the “Motorcross” jeans, which are the skintight huggers some may remember using a pair of pliers to pull the zipper up on, there are a couple of tips to make these work best.

Pair them with a very simple top that isn’t too busy with all types of logos all over it. A solid tank top with a cropped jacket or unbuttoned long sleeve shirt over it looks great.

This style of jeans should also not ride too low or high on the waist and should be snug all the way down the leg, but not overly tight. Don’t kill yourself going retro and pulling out the pliers, instead aim for a snug but still comfortable fit.

Low-rise jeans

Low-Rise jeans are designed to be flirty and casual and are always very popular. These are great jeans for women that have a little extra in the hips because they help shape and even out your curves.

If you need a belt to hold up your low-rise jeans they are too big, they should sit directly on the hip on their own.

Low-rise jeans look good with almost anything!

If you are a little larger in the middle and have some bulges, you don’t want to display these may not always be the best choice as part of the allure of the low-rise is showing off your tummy.

Pastel-coloured jeans

Pastel-coloured jeans fade in and out of style all the time. Part of the reason for this is because so few people know what is best to wear with them.

Pastel jeans look best when worn with dark tops. Think colours like navy blue, black, or charcoal so you can balance out the look.

Wearing a pastel top with pastel jeans looks a bit too Willy Wonka. A light-coloured top with a dark-coloured jacket or long sleeve shirt also works well.

The best cut for pastel jeans is straight-leg fitted mid-rise jeans. The pastel colours look great, but not so much so when there is a lot of loose fabric flapping around.

Stretch jeans

Stretch jeans made with a blend of denim and Dow XLA or Lycra are meant to be sexy, seductive, and clingy!

You want to make sure there is a little bunching at the ankle to break the line of the leg a little bit. Stretch jeans look best on thin to mid-size people.

For women, who primarily wear this style, a loose top and heels look fantastic.

High waist jeans

High-waist jeans can look good on any body type. For larger people, they can help de-emphasize a little extra weight around the middle and be the right jeans for your body shape.

Avoid tight tops with these jeans and think more along the lines of a loose blouse or a blouse that can be tucked in.

A belt is optional with these and should be purely ornamental, but if you will wear one avoid a skinny belt as it throws off the proportion of the outfit.

Make sure these fit snug in the hips and have a hem that sits just above the shoe. Avoid pastels or embellished styles and stick to the classic blue, black, and grey shades.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are all the rage, but in all honesty, they really look their best on the younger thin women with legs for days.

I hate to say it but those of us that are a bit bigger and have gone beyond a size 6 (as a sarcastic example) really don’t do these justice.

As they used to say regarding spandex. “skinny jeans are a privilege, not a right.” Go for a darker wash that has a good stretch to them.

To make these look even better cut the front pockets out altogether and sew them shut. The pockets just create little bulges and wrinkles that look bad. Sewing them shut after makes them look smoother and keeps you from forgetting they aren’t there and trying to use them. If you have good skinny jeans that fit well, you can’t really use the pockets anyway.

Choosing the jeans

Try some of these tips out and in no time you’ll be looking your best in whatever jeans you wear. Remember to care for them properly and choose the right jeans for your body shape, not just which ones are the trendiest at the moment. No matter how trendy something is, if it doesn’t suit your body it won’t look good.


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