Have you ever wondered why the first meal of the day is breakfast? It is because we are fasting during our sleep, and when we wake up, we break our 8-9 hour long fast by eating this meal. We choose to eat a heavy meal for breakfast as our stomach is empty and it needs the necessary protein and carbohydrates to give our body strength for the day. If you are bored of eating the same breakfast over and over again, then we have a new breakfast recipe for you to enjoy – paneer pancakes! This high-protein, carbohydrate-rich breakfast shall make for a delicious and fun meal for you and your family.   

Paneer lovers want to add paneer to almost everything! If you are someone like that, then this recipe is just for you. We have managed to bring paneer to the American classic breakfast dish -pancakes, to give these fluffy and delicious paneer pancakes. Serve these paneer pancakes with honey, maple syrup, butter or Nutella!   

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Pancake is a popular Breakfast meal. 

Paneer Pancake Recipe: How To Make Paneer Pancake At Home  

Beat eggs till they are light and fluffy. Add sugar and further beat it. Next, add the grated paneer, baking powder, plain flour and salt to the beaten egg mixture. Fold this till the flour is incorporated into a thick pancake batter.   

Heat a flat pan and melt butter. Now pour a big dollop of paneer pancake batter and let it cook from one side, no need to spread it with your ladle. Flip the pancake once bubbles form on the surface. Once the pancake is light brown, it is ready!   

Click here for the step-by-step recipe for Paneer Pancake.  

Sounds easy, right? Make this paneer pancake at home and surprise your family with your culinary skills. Do tell us in the comments section how you liked it!  

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