Let’s believe that many people love to experiment with food. After all, cooking is an art and people like to experience it in their own different ways. There’s so much going on rapidly in the food and beverage industry. Every day, we come across some or the other food trend taking the internet by storm. From pouring Fanta in the Maggi, and even chai (just for the sake of creating a fusion) to coming up with something as unusual as mithai momos or laddoo shake, we have seen it all. Sometimes, these bizarre food trends are disliked by the masses. But at times, some good fusion dishes also rule our hearts. However, currently what’s creating a buzz is the viral Sprite cucumber pickle. 

Well, yes, as per this recipe staking rounds on social media, Sprite is being used with cucumber and a host of other ingredients to prepare a pickle. Basically, a carbonated drink is infused with the freshness of cucumber and other ingredients like lemon, chillies, salt and sugar giving it a much-needed punch of flavours. This recipe first surfaced on a popular social media application called DouYin, and soon went viral from there. So, it looks like an instant pickle recipe that you may like if you give it a try.

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Saransh Goila has somewhat approved of its taste and tried his own hands at making it. The celebrity chef tried making the super-viral Sprite cucumber pickle. He has shared a video of the same on Instagram. For the caption, he wrote, “The super viral Sprite Cucumber Pickle! Can’t believe this actually works!!! Thanks @albert_cancook for inspo. Internet is full of amazing ideas sometimes. Didn’t expect this to be #delishaaas but it is!!!! Try it before you form an opinion.” 

You need the following ingredients to prepare the dish:

1) Cucumber

2) Lemon slices (3-4 pieces)

3) Sugar (1.5 tablespoon)

4) Salt (1.5 tablespoon)

5) Vinegar – 2 tablespoons

6) Sprite – 200 ml

How to make the viral Sprite cucumber?

1) To make this, first, take a cucumber and slice it into very thin and long strips. There’s no need to peel the cucumber. Just make sure the strips you slice out are thin.

2) Gather all these strips and in fact, stack them. Place the strips on one another, fold them and put them in a glass container.

3) Now, add lemon slices, chopped red chillies, sugar, salt, vinegar and of course the other main ingredient Sprite.

4) Now, cover the container and let it rest for about two hours. Try it out and see if you like it!

Take a look:

Now, since you know how to make this, why don’t you give it a try at home? Do prepare this and share your experience with us.

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