Diljit Dosanjh is one Indian celebrity who can do it all! While he started his career as a Punjabi singer, he later on dabbled into acting and ended up giving us hits like ‘Udta Punjab’, ‘Soorma’ and ‘Good Newz’. While we all enjoy watching him on the big screen, his songs just ‘vibe’ with people all around the world! In recent years, his songs are played on repeat at weddings, clubs and radio. While his music career keeps him busy, he always makes sure he takes out the time to indulge in good food! It won’t be too much to say that for Diljit Dosanjh, good food means a good mood! Take a look:


Diljit Dosanjh was sitting in his kitchen asking his chef “Kya milega aaj khane ko? (What will I get to eat today?)” and when he saw his meal he was in awe of the delicious meal, complimenting it in the popular slang “Looking sick, looking sick”. For his meal, he got not one but two plates full of food! On one plate, we spotted an avocado dip, boiled eggs, sauteed mushrooms, and seasoned chicken breasts and the other dish had a yellow stew-like curry that is laden with carrots and mushrooms. He captioned his Instagram story as “good food is a good mood.”

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If you have been following Diljit Dosanjh on Instagram, then you’d know that he is a hardcore foodie! With over 13.6 million fans, he enjoys showing his followers what his life is like. From sharing entertaining videos of cooking desi meals at home to giving glimpses of his grocery shopping trips, he loves to participate in all kinds of foodie activities! When it comes to eating, he seems to have a special preference for breakfast. Even during his World Tour, he doesn’t forget to enjoy the first meal of the day!

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