Maharashtrian food boasts a variety of flavours and dishes that are state-specific. While we all are aware of the famous vada pav, pav bhaji, radga, and more, there are so many other dishes that we miss out on. Every region in Maharashtra has something delectable to offer. So, why not give these dishes a try at home? This time, if you are in search of snacks and want a completely new taste, here we bring you some veg Maharashtrian snacks to add to your menu. The recipes that we bring you today are easy to make, fuss-free, and go well with a cup of cutting chai! Check out the recipes below:

Here Are 5 Veg Maharashtrian Snacks

1. Aluvadi

A Malavani delicacy called Aluvadi is deep-fried spinach that has been filled with spicy potatoes and rolled up after being spread with bean paste. This crispy treat is a tasty way to quell your appetite.

Alu Vadi: Benefits And How To Prepare The Seasonal Maharashtrian Delicacy

2. Chiwda

In Maharashtra, chiwda or poha is the preferred food. Chiwda is puffed, flaky rice that has been deep-fried. It is a tasty snack made from roasted peanuts, curry leaves, green chilies, and asafetida. This recipe will be ready in a few minutes!

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3. Bhakarwadi

Bhakarwadi is a well-known sweet and sour snack made from gram flour that is spiral-shaped and filled with a mixture of coconut, sesame seeds, and poppy seeds. This fried and crunchy snack can be kept for weeks in storage due to its long shelf life.


4. Kothimbir Vadi

Coriander is known as “Kothimbir” in Marathi, and coriander fritters are known as “Kothimbir Vadi.” This evening treat is typically paired with tea or coffee. It is prepared with gram flour, coriander leaves, and sesame seeds and then steamed, sliced, and fried to create a crunchy snack.

Kothimbir Vade

5. Batata Vada

The next item is this extremely spicy and crunchy batata vada pav. Mashed potatoes are covered in a thick besan batter and deep-fried till golden. The delicious street food is simple to make at home and is typically served with a tangy chutney.

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