Today is a big day in our house and I am one very proud mum. Ben has his final day at school and as I write this I imagine him and his friends writing on each other’s shirts and talking about the school trip they are planning for the end of term. Ben will be able to go back for the trip so that is good!

Ben aged 4 before starting primary school

I am so proud of Ben I wanted to write an open letter to share with you all what I want to say to him along with some photos of my little cutie and the handsome man he has become!

A 3-year-old Ben painting!

Dear Ben

Today ends over a decade of schooling for you but also it begins a new chapter. There have been times over the years that I didn’t know if we would make it this far, you tested my patience and my sanity.

Ben before the first day of Preschool age 3 – Why sit nicely when you can pose lying on the floor?

From a toddler who couldn’t talk and banged his head to make holes in the wall to a man who styles his hair, shaves and has an immense love for fashion, football and gaming you have come so far I am a proud mum.

Ben on the first day of primary school age 4

When once I was desperately trying to get you to speak, now I sometimes wish you would stop talking! From a boy who wouldn’t cuddle me to a man who thinks cuddling his mum is embarrassing, luckily we’ve had lots of cuddles in between!

7-year-old Ben at sports day

Ben, you make me a proud mum every single day of your life. I never imagined you would do GCSEs or go into a shop independently but here you are smashing it and proving to the world you can do anything you put your mind to.

Ben aged 3 before starting preschool

Something else I want you to know is that whatever those results are, pass or fail you have worked hard enough to be able to try and that is just absolutely amazing! Fingers crossed you will get that college place and keep on being amazing!

Love mum xx

Ben on his last day of school, age 16

Something I (a proud mum) want to tell my readers about Ben

Ben didn’t talk properly until he was 5 and almost 2 before he walked. He has struggled through life to get where he is now but I am such a proud mum and to champion him every step of the way. I know in some ways he has grown up in front of you all as I have been blogging for nearly 7 years!

Ben’s first photo!

Ben is going on to do media at college along with continuing to work on his independence and such so remember his name, I am sure you will see it in print somewhere one day if he keeps exceeding expectations as much as he has so far.

Ben aged 18 months (Look how blonde he was!)

I will always keep you updated on Ben as long as he is happy for me to do so, but as always it is his life and his pictures so I give him the choice of being involved in anything I share. As it happens he loves modelling for things like this clothing review! He loves watching for likes and comments on anything I share about him so please do continue to support him as it boosts his confidence so much.

I hope you all have enjoyed the photos I have included throughout this post and had a giggle too.

Ben recreating his preschool photo on the last day to school – hands in pockets!

The below two photos are of me at school to give you an extra giggle! I won’t name the others in the photos but if they read this I am sure they will recognise themselves!

I am second from the left!
I am furthest to the right

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