Just when you think you’ve seen the latest update in helmet safety, another company ups the bar. In this case, we’re talking about the all-new Fox Proframe RS. Not only is the helmet new, but it is built around the newest rotational protection system from MIPS – MIPS Integra Split.

Fox Proframe RS MIPS Integra Split

Headlining the new enduro full-face design is the newest MIPS design, which is sort of the evolution of MIPS Spherical. The helmet consists of an outer shell and an inner liner shell that can rotate independently. The main difference here is that the inner liner is two pieces or Split.

Fox Proframe RS MIPS Integra Split interior

According to MIPS, this was done to allow the inner liner to move better under an impact and provide more coverage from the MIPS Integra System. The two pieces rotate around what MIPS is calling a Woofer (since they kind of look like little subwoofers). There are two Woofers at the back of the helmet too, and the two pieces of the inner liner can move in relation to the outer shell, and each other.

EPP liner in EPS helmet

Fox managed to package all of this into an impressively light and ventilated package, partly due to the inner liner being made from EPP instead of EPS. That EPP inner is a multi-impact material that offers better protection from slow speed crashes, while the outer is traditional EPS, made for single-use protection from high speed crashes.

The result is a full-face helmet that’s light and airy enough for pedaling all day in an enduro race, but also DH certified for the protection of a full face.

BOA fit system on helmet Boa full face fit system

Also new for Fox is a Boa retention fit system – a first for them in full-face helmets. More than offering a snug fit, the retention system eliminates the neck roll that their other helmets use, which is said to drastically improve ventilation behind the head.

Boa fit system vertical adjustment

Further adjustability is offered through vertical adjustment of the Boa cradle, and replaceable padding kits for cheek pad fit.

Fox Proframe RS MIPS Integra Split Fox Proframe RS MIPS Integra Split visor position

Elsewhere on the helmet, you’ll find a three-position adjustable visor with room to store goggles underneath.

Fox Proframe RS MIPS Integra Split GoPro visor Fox Proframe RS MIPS Integra Split gopro visor

The visor also includes a notch with an adhesive mounting tab to run a GoPro or other camera,

Fox Proframe RS MIPS Integra Split Fox Proframe RS MIPS Integra Split Fox Proframe RS MIPS Integra Split

Even with all those features including a Fidlock buckle, the helmet is fairly light at 710g for a small, to 910g for a large.

When the helmet is available this September, it will be offered in two ranges of colors with brighter options on the ‘race’ side, and more muted or fun colors on the lifestyle side. Pricing is expected to be $349.




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