Monsoon is here. While we take out our raincoats and umbrellas, it’s also that time of the year, when we look forward to enjoying steaming hot dishes with a hot cuppa. Monsoon does make us crave crunchy and fried mouth-watering delicacies. Seems like it’s the same for Malaika. At least that’s what her latest food post revealed. The actress, who was just returned from Paris, was seen enjoying the season with a super scrumptious South Indian spread. She has shared a picture of her delectable spread on Instagram Stories.  

On her tray, we could see a bowl of deep-fried crispy vadas. And, how can one miss out on sambar (dal) with vadas? So, there was a bowlful of what looks like flavourful sambar as well. Besides that, we spot a bowl of white steamed rice. The meal also included another dish cooked to perfection with spices. Malaika wrote, “Food for the soul and the rains,” and tagged chef Marina Balakrishnan.    

Take a look:


Malaika Arora’s food for the soul was delicious South Indian.

Well, now that you have seen Malaika Arora’s sumptuous spread, you must be craving the South Indian treats. Isn’t it? Here’s a list of recipes that will help you prepare a wonderful South Indian spread at home. Check this out.

1) Medhu vada

This popular and satisfying food combination is much relished and loved by people across the country. These crispy urad dal fritters (vada) are enjoyed with some delicious sambar along with coconut chutney. This food item makes for a great breakfast and even snacks.

2) Tamarind rice

This tangy rice dish is surely going to leave you craving for more. Tamarind rice carries the goodness of channa and urad dal cooked with yummy tamarind pulp and a host of spices. You can pair it up with a pickle or papad on the side. Have it for lunch and you’ll like it. 

3) Arachu vitta sambar

This dish is a combination of drumsticks, coconut, tamarind, and other homely spices cooked with about three different kinds of dal including urad dal, tur dal channa dal. The term arachuvitta means “grind.” And in this recipe, roasted spices are ground with fresh coconut. That’s why the name arachu vitta.

4) Karam dosa

Dosa happens to be our go-to recipe whenever we think of gorging on South Indian food. This dish comes in various different varieties and has a scope of experimentation. However, if karam dosa excites you, this is the recipe you need to try. 

5) Paal payasam

Be it the main course or dessert, the flavours from the southern part of the country have always managed to trigger our tastebuds. Paal payasam is a famous sweet and delicious, creamy rice dish that’s similar to kheer. It carries the richness of dry fruits and is also offered as prasadam in various temples.      

We like Malaika Arora’s food posts and it’s amazing how she always manages to make us drool with her foodie trails. Do you agree?

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