I love a bargain and when it comes to exercise equipment I know that I may use I think it is important to not spend too much unless you know you will use something! I have long wanted to try Kettlebells but have never been brave enough to try them and can’t justify spending too much on one just in case I don’t like it! These exercise equipment bargains should help you to consider something new.

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What should you buy?

I am a big advocate of only buying exercise equipment that you know you will actually use. Whilst buying exercise equipment can help you to lose weight and get fit, especially heavy equipment, you actually usually need to use it too!

If you are new to exercise then it is important to start gently and work on building up in time to avoid injury. If you are in any doubt then always ask your doctor.

Amazon Basics Prime Day Deals – Exercise Equipment

There are a few different Amazon own brand companies and they stock some great exercise equipment so they are definitely worth keeping an eye out for when you are looking for anything. These are my favourite prime day offers.

Amazon Prime Day is 12th and 13th July 2022, these discounts are only valid on those days and may return to full price afterwards.

Amazon Basics Yoga Mat

Whilst there are lots of pricy yoga mats out there, quite often you are buying the name and colour. If you are just starting out with yoga and do not know if you will stick to it or are on a budget this is perfect.

The Amazon Basics Yoga Mat is fo great quality and perfect for all the family.

With a usual price of £24.80 it is down to £19 for Amazon Basics Prime Day Deals. Buy it here.

Amazon Basics Kettlebell

Kettlebells are perfect for people with minimal space who want a good workout with resistance-training exercises. This 8kg one from the Amazon Basics range is made from high-quality cast iron and made to last.

With a usual price of £22.31 it is down to £15.62 for Amazon Basics Prime Day Deals. Buy it here.

Amazon Basics Hand Weight Dumbbell Pair

Dumbbells are another great fitness item for people on a budget. They are low in cost and can help with a great workout, especially for those that don’t want a large piece of equipment in their home, or perhaps don’t have the room for one.

With Dumbbells, you should always work up to a weight you are comfortable with so if in any doubt buy a lower-weight pair!

The usual price for this dumbbell pair is £18.63 and they are down to just £10.71 for Amazon Basics Prime Day deals. Less than a takeaway so what is your excuse? Buy them here.

Other deals for Prime Day

I have also shared some bargains for the kitchen for Amazon Prime day if you fancy a look you can find that article here. I will also share any other bargains I find for Prime Day on my Facebook and Instagram so do keep an eye on those on the 12th and 13th of July 2022 for more bargains! If you spot any good deals let me know in the comments below or by DM on social media.

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