Everything Bagel Air Fryer Chicken cutlets are an easy weeknight dinner done in under 30 minutes! Serve these crispy chicken cutlets with your favorite dipping sauce for a meal the whole family will love!

Air Fryer Chicken cutlets on parchment paper with honey mustard sauce in bowl

Why We Love This Recipe

These perfectly cooked air fryer chicken cutlets are so easy to make and a great way to switch up your weeknight chicken dinner routine! The air fryer uses little oil, making this a much healthier way to eat fried chicken! They pair perfectly with a garden salad, or green veggie side dish! They’re also great for meal prep! Air frying is my favorite way to cook chicken!

Ingredients for this Recipe

Ingredients to make Air Fryer Chicken cutlets in bowls on countertop

Chicken Cutlets

Chicken cutlets are thinly sliced skinless chicken breasts that are pre-sliced at the grocery store. They take less time to cook and are usually pounded for uniform thickness. If you’re not able to find cutlets at your local grocery store, slice a raw chicken breast horizontally into 3 slices. Pound them out thin with a meat mallet between 2 pieces of plastic wrap.


The first step in the three-step breading station. It acts as a primer to help all the other coatings cling to the food.


Step two in the three-step breading station. The egg wash helps the breading stick to the food at the final step. The egg is necessary because it acts as a sticky glue to attach all of the breadcrumbs to the surface of the food. When the egg proteins cook and solidify, the breadcrumbs are secured onto the food.

Parmesan Cheese

Grated parmesan cheese is combined with everything bagel seasoning and Panko bread crumbs to create a perfectly crispy crust on these air fryer chicken cutlets. I love the nutty flavor it adds to the crust!

Panko breadcrumbs

Panko breadcrumbs have a lighter, crispier texture than traditional breadcrumbs. If you can’t find Panko bread crumbs at the store, regular breadcrumbs will work just fine.

Everything Bagel Seasoning

This popular seasoning combination has become quite popular in the past few years. I like to use it on just about everything! Eggs, avocados, and even chicken! If you’re not familiar, it’s a combination of poppy seeds, white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, dried minced garlic, dried onion flakes, and flaked sea salt. 

Step By Step Instructions To Make This Recipe


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