This EKO Mirage no-touch sensor bin has been sent to me for the purposes of the review however all opinions and images are my own.

As many of you will know, especially those that follow me on social media, we have recently moved house. Our new house has the most perfect kitchen in my eyes so most bins would easily look like a bit of an eyesore.

When I was offered the EKO Mirage no-touch sensor bin to review I was excited because it looked as though it would suit the kitchen perfectly!

Not only that but as it has two sections, one for general waste and one for recycling it would help keep the kitchen tidy.

Our kitchen

So before I tell you about the bin I want to share our kitchen, it is beautiful, we have solid oak flooring, oak worktops, a Belfast style sink and light grey cupboards.

I love everything about it and am thoroughly enjoying cooking in a bigger kitchen, our old one was quite small! Please forgive the shopping half put away on the tops in this photo!

Do you recycle? What can you recycle in your area?

We have a recycling bin which can take a variety of items from paper to drinks cans and much more. I try to recycle as much as we can, firstly because it is good for the environment but also because otherwise the general waste bin only gets collected fortnightly so it fills far too easily!

That said it is frustrating as unless you have numerous bins it is tricky to find where to put things that need recycling before they make it to the wheelie bin! I used to have two bins or have a worktop which gets recycling stacked on it waiting to be taken outside but now we just have this one!

Does your area have a selection of different recycling bins or just one? How do you organise your rubbish and recycling at home?

Unboxing the EKO Mirage no-touch sensor bin

I was unsure what to expect from the sensor bin and hadn’t read too much about it so that I would be able to truly give you my first thoughts!

The EKO Mirage no-touch sensor bin arrived well packaged with a protective plastic bag and inside a cardboard box which was then inside another cardboard box. There was no risk of it getting damaged in transit which is good as I am sure some couriers play football with parcels!

Whilst there is an instruction booklet, it isn’t wholly necessary as the bin is pretty self-explanatory.

I popped in some batteries, apparently one lot of batteries will last for 20,000 opens of the bin! Obviously, I have better things to do than to test that for you but it seems likely!

Initial thoughts

There is an option to add a fragrance sachet in part of the bin to reduce smells however I empty the bin so frequently I wasn’t too worried about this for now.

Each removable inner bin bucket is 20L, whilst this is slightly smaller than I am used to I am really pleased with it as I am actively trying to reduce food waste and freeze foods I will not use more often so this will help encourage me.

The inserts for the bin are easily removed and hold bags easily of any size. Whilst EKO does sell their own (and include a sample for you) it is entirely up to you whether you use those or the ones you already have. The recommended ones are of great quality and are available in size G from the website at £4.49 for 10.

How easy is the EKO Mirage sensor bin to use?

Simply move something over the sensor and the lid opens, and then the small lights count down so you can see when it will close. The lid opens gently and closes softly.

The two sections are easily removed to empty and to clean so I am confident this will keep the kitchen clean and fresh without overflowing or smelly bins.

The appearance of the bin

Whilst it is essential to have a bin in the kitchen, they aren’t always the most attractive things, are they! Before I was sent this one we had a quite basic one from the supermarket sitting looking ugly and to be honest until we changed it for this one I hadn’t realised how much it would change the look of the kitchen!

I don’t want a bin that hides in a cupboard as they just don’t hold enough for me so any bin has to blend in with the kitchen which I think this one does well. What do you think?

Features of this sensor bin

Here are some of the details you may need to know about the EKO Mirage no-touch sensor bin to help you decide if it is for you!

  • The stainless steel finish prevents fingerprint marking so it keeps looking sleek
  • A Deoderizer compartment so you can ensure your bin never smells nasty!
  • No space is wasted in the design so it fits snugly into the corners of the kitchen.
  • Batteries last for 20,000 opens/closes of the lid so won’t need changing for quite a while!

Would I recommend the EKO Mirage sensor bin?

I have only been using the bin for around a week now but I would definitely recommend it if you enjoy cooking as I do. It means I can chop all my veggies without having to keep washing my hands every time I need to put something in the bin! If you cook a lot of onions and peppers you will feel my pain here!

If you are trying to recycle more and waste less then it really could be a perfect solution with a sleek two-in-one bin like this.

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Good Luck!

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