Egan Bernal, the formal Tour De France winner was practicing with his Ineos Grenadiers team members outside Bogota, Colombia where he had a horrific crash. He collided with a bus that left a big chunk of a dent on the vehicle. On his arrival at the Clinica Universidad de La Sabana, he was still stable and conscious but then the situation took a turn for the worst.

The deadly collision with the bus left him with multiple injuries, reportedly the young rider has vertebral and thoracic trauma. Due to the intensity of his injuries, Egan Bernal will now be undergoing surgery which is scheduled for today.


According to various sources, Egan Bernal has broken his femur and kneecap and the severity of his injuries is very serious. Shortly after admitting Bernal to the hospital, Ineos Grenadiers reassured the media that he was in a stable condition.

Later on, the hospital gave an official statement outlining the real condition of the Ineos Grenadiers rider,

The Clinica Universidad de La Sabana can publicly inform that Egan Bernal was admitted to the emergency unit this morning via an ambulance.

At that moment, he was examined across the board by specialists. In light of the findings, he must undergo surgery in the coming hours due to multiple injuries: vertebral and thoracic trauma, blunt trauma of the thorax, musculoskeletal trauma, and trauma to the lower limbs. For the moment he is hemodynamically stable. We hope for the best in his clinical outcome.

The details of the crash seem bizarre and unexpected according to the Colombian police, according to them, Bernal crashed into the rear of a bus that he did not notice was stopped at the side of the road, was he troubled, or was something else bothering him? 

Juan Carlos Castro from the department of transport and transit stated,

Today, Ineos was training with our athlete Egan Bernal, and they came across a bus parked on the verge on the right-hand side. Unfortunately, our cyclist did not see it and collided with it.

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Egan Bernal was off to an amazing start, he was having spectacular training sessions, although this crash has pushed him back. He was slated to kickstart his season with the Tour de la Provence on February 10. Our prayers go to him, we await his speedy recovery.

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