Bottles of shampoos, face wash, shower gels, and several other bottled liquid soaps are long-term residents in the shower cabinets of the majority of our population. We might believe that by using these ‘natural,’ and ‘organic,’ bottled self-care products, we are doing a great service to ourselves and the environment, but we would be wrong. Most bottled liquid self-care products generally lack the nutritional potency that alternatives in bar products form can provide. On the occasion of Earth Day 2022, the importance of switching to bar products is crucial.

Fortunately, effective natural shampoo bars and soap bars are becoming increasingly easier to procure, and are far superior to their bottled counterparts for a number of reasons. But if you’re wondering how to switch to using bar products, we have an expert who can help.

Ms. Namrata Reddy, skincare expert and co-founder of Satliva, spoke to Health Shots about the much-needed transition from bottled products to bar products.

Here’s how to switch to bar products:

Reddy says, “It is easy to list the multitude of benefits of using bar products as opposed to bottled products. But for those of you having trouble shortlisting which ones to purchase, I recommend bar products with Hemp, Argan oil and activated charcoal. Choose shampoo bars for the health of your hair. You can also switch to a body soap bar with ingredients like moringa and shea butter for the health of your skin and face.”

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On Earth Day 2022, switching to bar products is a good idea! mage courtesy: Shutterstock

3 reasons you need to switch to bar products:

1. It is environment-friendly

Firstly, the environmental distress is caused by the abundance of plastic waste that accumulates, due to the widespread use of self-care products bottled in plastic. On Earth Day 2022. let’s take a pledge to use an all natural, ethically packaged soap, shampoo and conditioner bar to immediately cut out the plastic. Additionally, it saves countless litres of water, as the bar alternative isn’t formulated with the same amount of water as the liquid variant. Making this switch is a small and simple step for an individual, but a large and significant step towards environmental sustainability, and a greener future.

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There is a variety of bar shampoo and conditioner bars to choose from! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Bar products are better for your skin health

Secondly, the physical discomfort caused by detergents, and various artificial ingredients found in bottled liquid soaps: More often than not, store-bought liquid soaps tend to strip the skin and hair of its natural oils, they also disturb the scalp and skin microbiome, paramount for our scalp and skin health. Making the switch to an all-natural soap and shampoo bar will inevitably bring about numerous positive changes in your health, and skin complexion. The bonus of using a soap bar is that it can also be used on your face instead of a harmful face wash.

3. They are travel-friendly

Thirdly, the practicality of purchasing smaller, sustainable, and more portable products: Soap and shampoo bars are smaller in size, but several times more efficient in functionality as opposed to its liquid variant. They utilise less space in your shower cabinet, and are travel-friendly due to their solid consistency which discards the possibility of leakage in your bag.

Considering these factors, you need to move back to using bar products and ditch bottles of liquid products for once and for all.

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