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Deciding to get plastic surgery can have a life-changing impact. Whether for medical reasons or for aesthetics, it is a powerful choice. Researching the right doctor for you and your following procedures is an essential part of the journey. Science and technology within the industry are always improving, as world renowned doctors are continuously researching and developing new techniques.

At the forefront, a plastic surgeon’s goals are to enhance a patient’s appearance and make them feel confident, positive and beautiful. Although sometimes controversial and holds many different views on the matter, plastic surgery is full of positive results.

Dr. Joubin Gabbay’s practice is based out of Beverly Hills, California. Not only does he have a passion for researching and performing all aspects of plastic surgery, but also has an attraction for traveling and architecture. Growing up with a father who was an architect, Gabbay took a strong interest in the Renaissance and Leonardo da Vinci, and proceeded to study architecture.

“I would sit for hours and hours in front of the drafting table listening to great music and creating (what I thought) were beautiful buildings,” he explained. “I ultimately ended up deciding against architecture because I realized that I loved the art more than the practice. Certainly, having my dad’s perspective was helpful there; I now often say that my dad and I do the same job, we just use different materials!”

Pursuing an education in medicine, Gabbay went to become a certified doctor at Medical College of Virginia/ Virginia Commonwealth University. Upon graduating, he moved back to Los Angeles to start his career. After general surgery training, residency at UCLA, and over 10 years of experience, Gabbay has performed thousands of cosmetic procedures.

Trained in multiple procedures like Botox, dermal fillers, scar revisions, and SculpSure for body contouring, Gabbay is mainly responsible for performing procedures such as liposuction, Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, lifts, reductions, and complex revisions. Today, he specializes in breast and body contouring.

Despite his accomplishments, Gabbay remains humble, crediting part of his success to his family’s support and immigrant roots.

“The thing I am ultimately most proud of is the life I have built for myself and my family; I worked really hard. I’ve done some really good things and some really stupid things; both contributed to the person I am today. As I’ve grown, I’ve picked up some knowledge, a wife, a couple of kids, a practice that is busy and does good for my patients, awards here and there, friends, happiness, and… Always the drive for more. I learned to be happy with what I have. I’ve learned to always seek for more, but be grateful for what I have.”

Gabbay’s mindset has helped him understand the importance of plastic surgery, its moral and ethical values, and the importance of patient care. Although admitting that plastic surgery can be a debatable topic, Gabbay always puts his patients first. He creates a comfortable environment for every client, and agrees that they should be realistic when going in for consultations.

When asked about the biggest difference between his practice versus others, Gabbay shared: “I truly feel that the most critical factor in successfully delivering the results my patients seek is clear and detailed communication. My patient and I must be on exactly the same page before we ever step foot in the operating room. During our consultation, we go into detail to try to understand what it is that my patient is seeking. I also explain carefully what I can deliver and what their body will allow. It is at the crossroads of these details that the result they are looking for lives. Through this process, I’ve learned that sometimes my patients need to adjust their expectations, as do I. I often tell my patients that I would rather not operate on them than do the wrong thing, or give them something they do not want.”

He continues to emphasize that, although many plastic surgeons perform similar procedures, they are not all the same with following rules, regulations, and after-care routines.

Reshaping the body is one of the leading surgical procedures out there, and is one that Gabbay has gravitated toward the most. From his past experience working at Elite Body Sculpture (EBS), he expanded his knowledge of body and face contouring and was fascinated by the technology to perform such procedures.

Speaking of another one of his specialties, “I perform more buccal fat reduction than probably anyone in Los Angeles,” Gabbay said. “It is a procedure that was initially very attractive to me. My mentor, Dr. Henry Kawamoto, was a pioneer in describing the anatomy of this specific pocket of fat in the cheek.”

As Dr. Joubin Gabbay continues to learn, explore new opportunities, and set personal goals, his future shines bright. He is passionate about growing his business into a standalone awake body contouring practice, where one day he would like to have a thriving Medspa.


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