By Scott

Sometimes the objects we own become more than just things. Bikes aren’t just tools or a device, but for a lot of us, a source of joy and pride. When my wife bought a Pass Hunter frame this spring, she named the bike Diana, after the Roman goddess of the hunt. 

It makes it easy when she has names for bikes. When we are getting ready for a ride, she can say that she is taking Diana or Mari (her other road bike) out and I know which to prep and ensure it is ready for the ride.

Back when I worked for GU in 2007/2008, I rode my touring/brevet/sportif/only bike to work most days. My boss there had a very nice Lightspeed road bike. He would refer to my bike as “the truck”. With fenders, racks and lights on it, it was certainly more “truckish” then his svelte road bike. I went out for a staff lunch ride one day, and my bike certainly felt more of a truck than either of their two lightweight road bikes over the Berkeley hills.

I started calling it The Truck after that. Eventually I got a lighter road bike to ride and that bike became “The Jag” – lighter, smoother, and more reliable than the car.

(The “Jag” . Sorry for the non drive side photo, but I was 400 miles into a 750 mile ride)

So here’s the question – do you name your bike and what sort of convention do you use?

Ps. If you’re interested in the complete build list of Melissa’s Pass Hunter, you can find it here: https://velo-orange.com/pages/pass-hunter-build-list-sportif-with-whisky-carbon-fork


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