We know Arjun Kapoor for his acting skills and ripped physique. It’s fantastic how he is dedicated to his fitness regime to maintain those well-developed muscles. But at the same time, let’s not forget that he is a foodie as well. So, just like many other fitness enthusiasts, Arjun too seemed to have celebrated his cheat day on Sunday. But what did he eat? On Instagram Stories, the actor has shared a Boomerang that featured his Pizza box. In the video, we could see him taking a slice from his super delicious BBQ chicken pizza (as written on the box). He added the sticker that read, “The pizza life chose me.” He also tagged his chef Akshay Arora and mentioned “Sunday.”   

Take a look:


Did Arjun Kapoor’s indulgence make you crave pizza? If yes, then go to your kitchen and prepare a sumptuous barbecue chicken pizza to treat yourself. Vegetarians can also enjoy this dish by replacing the chicken pieces with paneer cubes. Trust us, this restaurant-style barbeque pizza is all that’s needed when you are hungry.

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Here’s another pizza recipe that will help you with a great meal. Pepperoni pizza topped with pepperoni slices, and other vegetables along with cheese and sauces taste like heaven. It’s a must-try recipe and is easy to prepare. Make it at home and share it with your family.

A few days ago, Arjun Kapoor was seen vacationing with his girlfriend actress Malaika Arora in Paris. The duo spent a gala time at the beautiful place and enjoyed a number of delicacies. They ditched their diet plans and indulged in fast food. On Arjun’s birthday, Malaika shared a photo dump where the actor was seen digging in a lip-smacking burger along with French fries. It looked like a special meal combo that the duo devoured on a happy occasion.

Arjun Kapoor works hard to achieve his fitness goals but not without missing out on the fun of relishing his favourite dishes. Once, he shared a food post on Instagram and it looked very relatable. In the pictures, he was seen gorging on a plateful of momos with the red hot chutney on the side. He was relaxing on a couch while savouring this delight. For the caption, he wrote, “Your Monday is full of weekend FOMO, and I am busy enjoying my momo. We are not the same, bro.”  

It’s amazing how Arjun Kapoor managed to remain fit and fine but also indulges in various mouth-watering treats.  

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