Disha Patani might be a fitness freak but she hardly compromises on her sinful indulgences. Yes, the actress who works hard to remain in shape, indeed follows a strict diet plan. But there are times when she listens to her heart and doesn’t stop herself from enjoying delicious food. From home-cooked comfort food to some really exotic desserts, we have seen her enjoying it all. Now, her latest food post is sure to salivate you. Disha shared a picture of her yummy treat on Instagram Stories. The picture featured delicious desserts that the actress relished wholeheartedly.

In the picture, we could see a sweet dish that looked like cinnamon rolls topped with delectable cream. These delights are accompanied by a plateful of another fried dish. Besides her dessert plates, we could spot a few bowls of what seemed to be cream, and chocolate syrup respectively. Disha Patani thanked director Punit D. Malhotra for the scrumptious meal.

Take a look:


Disha Patani took to Instagram to share her yummy indulgences.

Disha Patani indeed loves food as much as she likes working out at the gym to remain fit. And more often than not, you would see her succumbing to indulgences while vacationing. Last month, when she went on a trip to Spain, the actress made the most of her holiday with some yummy food. Not just that but she also shared a picture of her treats on Instagram Stories. We saw her digging in a hearty bowl of ramen. Going by the snap, the Japanese delight was cooked with various elements. There were slices of onion, a few pieces of spicy red peppers, sprouts, spring onions and a slice of lemon.

As we said before, Disha Patani may be on a strict diet on other days but she eats to her heart’s content when on vacations especially when it’s her birthday. The actress treated herself to sweet treats to celebrate her birthday in Barcelona, Spain. She shared pictures of sweet-looking pancakes topped with a dressing, jam, and strawberries. She wrote, “Day 2 of this.” Disha was also seen trying a drool-worthy layered chocolate pastry decorated with some red berries and micro greens. It came with a candle set on top of it. She also shared a snippet of toasted bread that was lightly spread with jam, a delicious drink, and what looked like crisps of bread with a savoury dip and cheese in the middle.

Disha Patani and her culinary adventures are interesting and we hope to see her exploring more.

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