It’s not uncommon to have a lingering injury or nagging pain when performing exercise. In fact, a recent survey by Orlando Health found that almost 1 in 5 Americans (18%) often have pain while working out. That same percentage of people continue working through the pain instead of resting to heal.

When experiencing pain during exercise, the first step towards feeling better is identifying the source of the pain. Waiting too long to take action towards healing the pain could make it worse and increase the need for surgery.

Some people live by the saying, “no pain, no gain,” but different types of pain may indicate various issues. Sharp, stabbing, uncomfortable pain is not typically normal. This type of pain may be coming from an underlying problem that should be addressed.

For those who have had surgery recently, the balance between pain and discomfort should be monitored. The solutions to working around this pain or discomfort are largely individualized, and what may be one person’s discomfort may be another person’s extreme pain.

Pain should be trained around more than through it. It may be advisable for those experiencing joint or muscle pain or discomfort to work with a trainer who can help assess the pain and offer guidance. It is essential that exercises should be modified or regressed when pain is present to avoid the risk of aggravating an injury. Physical therapy may also be needed if pain persists.

Cause of Pain

Pain when exercising can be caused by various underlying conditions, including inflammation, arthritis, and injury. The exercise itself can also cause it. For example, for those experiencing elbow pain, it may be caused by tennis elbow.

No matter the cause of pain, it is essential to take steps to help prevent it from affecting your quality of life. Super Pain Relief is an excellent alternative to pain medication and can help maintain overall health and wellness. This unique formula primarily uses Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), which has been shown in human clinical studies to help reduce multiple types of pain and inflammation.

Pain Eraser is another formula that has been specifically designed to help with pain management. This topical solution can help temporarily ease pain and discomfort on contact. This easy-to-apply solution gets its power from camphor, a proven natural pain reliever, along with menthol to provide soothing relief to stiff and sore muscles.


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