It’s that time of the year again. Oh no, we were just referring to our favourite rainy season. With the cold breeze, heavy downpour, and the smell of mud, there is so much to love about the season. It is only obvious to say that with the onset of monsoons, the cravings for pakodas and kachoris come in handy. A rainy evening without a platter of crunchy pakoras or bhajiyas and a cup of hot tea sounds too boring. While we do agree that people also enjoy the rain without munching on these evening snacks, Dia Mirza is not one of them. As per her Instagram Stories, “baarish and bhajiyas” are her favourite combo. She has shared a snap of crunchy bhajiyas placed on a plate, and went on to ask her fans whether they prefer “Baarish + Bhajiya” or “Baarish and no Bhajiyas.”

Take a look:


Don’t know about you but we are always in for some bhajiyas. If Dia Mirza’s post featuring golden brown crispy bhajiyas has got you drooling, make your evenings memorable with a platter of your favourite savoury snack. Here are the recipes of 5 widely popular monsoon evening snacks, which can be prepared easily:

1.Cheese Onion Bhajiya

Prepare this spicy and cheesy version of the regular bhajiya and impress your friends.  All you need is onions, chickpea flour, and of course, some cheese. Savour them with a cup of tea and enjoy the rain.

2.Moong Daal Samosa

Not a big fan of bhajiyas? Go for samosas then. Though we don’t need a reason to relish this street snack, monsoons just makes the experience better. Agree?

3.Corn Bhel

Monsoon and corn are a match made in heaven. Though the popular way to eat corn is by roasting it and then brushing lemon and rock salt over it, we are always up for a bowl of corn bhel. The lemon zest and some basic spices like rock salt, black pepper, and red chilli when mixed with corn give a perfect tangy and spicy spin to the traditional corn.

4.Aloo And Daal Ki Tikki

Give a little spin to your traditional aloo ki tikki with chana daal and bread slices. Amp up the heat with chillies and spices like cumin powder, coriander powder, garam masala, and salt. Squeeze a few drops of lemon. Make round flat patties and fry them up.

Among the traditional monsoon delicacies, momos have carved its space as an evening snack. Hot steamed momos with spicy chutney will satisfy your taste buds like no other. You don’t believe us? Try it out. 

While you focus on nailing these monsoon snacks, don’t forget to prepare some ginger and cardamom tea.

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