A new study from McMaster University in Canada has found that sleep may be closely associated with the severity of depression and anxiety symptoms in new mothers, starting in the third trimester of pregnancy to the third postpartum month.

The three-month period before and after giving birth is a vulnerable time for a woman’s mental health. Many suffer from anxiety and depression during this time, so research is needed to find the cause of these mental health conditions.

This new study is the most extensive observational analysis investigating changes in sleep and biological rhythms during the peripartum period. Several variables were identified that are linked to peripartum depression and anxiety.

Notably, changes in the circadian quotient — the average amount of fragmentation of nighttime rest — was strongly linked to higher depressive and anxiety symptoms.

For the study, 100 women were analyzed, including 73 of which were followed from the start of the third trimester to three months postpartum. Subjective and objective measures of sleep were examined along with biological rhythms, melatonin levels, and light exposure using various tools, including questionnaires, sleep monitors, and other methods.

The findings indicated that certain biological rhythm variables might be vital to depressive symptoms at specific points along the peripartum timeline. Higher sleep fragmentation was linked to decreased depressive symptoms at 6 to 12 weeks postpartum. This period tends to coincide with a higher risk of developing postpartum depression.

Sleep and Mental Health

Mounting evidence suggests that sleep disorders are heavily connected to brain function and mental health, not just in pregnant women but also for everyone. Adults need to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. It is also essential to get the proper vitamins and minerals that allow the body to relax and get a quality night’s sleep.

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