Potential Concerns About Cultured Meat 

Is cultured meat real meat? 

Cultured meat is real animal flesh, it is not artificial meat. It consists of real animal muscle cells, fat cells and blood vessels. Cultured meat is just produced in the lab, not at a farm.   

Is cultured meat vegan? 

This is one of the top questions about cultured meat. It is still an animal product, so it is not vegan. Since many people become vegetarian for animal welfare reasons, it could be a potential alternative  to consuming conventional meat.  

Is cultured meat Kosher or Halal? 

  • Religion is another ethical concern that arises. Kosher meat is meat that has been ritually slaughtered by a trained individual (Sochet). The slaughter area must be blessed and the blood must be removed by soaking the meat. Halal meat is meat that has been ritually slaughtered by a Muslim. “In the name of Allah” must be stated before slaughtering and just like Kosher meat, the blood must be completely drained from the meat. 
  • Some argue that since no animal slaughter is involved, the meat can be considered halal or kosher. In 2017, Dr. Mohammad Naqib Hamdan and Dr. Mark Post concluded that cultured meat can be considered halal or kosher if the stem cells come from a halal slaughtered animal, with no blood used in the process.  

How much does cultured meat cost? 

Compared to traditional meat, production costs of lab-grown meat are very high. The first-ever lab-grown burger was produced by Mark Post, at a London Press conference at a cool US$330,000. Many cultured meat companies are trying to make these costs lower to compete with conventional meat, which may take a few years to achieve. 

Is cultured meat healthy? 

You’re probably wondering if cultured meat is healthy. The health of cultured meat depends on how it is processed. Cultured meat may be potentially modified to make it healthier than conventional meat. The fat and cholesterol content can be controlled and adjusted. But at the same time, some essential nutrients may not be present if nutrients are adjusted in the lab.  


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