Our love for classic Indian food holds a strong foot to date despite so many cuisines making inroads in our country. Rich, spicy and deeply flavoured with robust ingredients, a lavish Indian meal never fails to impress. That’s why even after having regular homemade food, we crave for restaurant-style Indian food that offers a whole different experience. Thanks to technology, we can even order in our favourite meals and enjoy restaurant-like food in the comfort of our homes.

If you too love to order Indian food to break the monotony, you’ll find plenty of options online. It’s a good idea to have your list of favourites ready, and to add to your list, here we suggest Currynama by Seven Seas. 

I had a hefty meal from Currynama that left my heart and stomach full by the end. 


For starters, I had Pesto Chicken Tikka, which was a refreshing surprise. The addition of pesto to chicken tikka was a clever idea and gave it a zingy makeover. I really liked it. Tawa Masala Prawns was also a good snacking option but I felt it could do better with more flavours. 

For mains, I had Chicken Biryani, which had a distinct tangy touch to it and tasted great. Mutton Rara was meaty and teeming with rich flavours. Chicken Tikka Masala was unlike the usual recipe; it also had a hint of tangy and sour flavours, coupled with varied spices, making it a light yet palatable dish. Seven Seas Dal, with earthy flavours, amped up the entire meal. The moment I tasted it, I knew it had been slow-cooked to add depth to it. 

Overall, it was a good meal from Currynama by Seven Seas to whet my cravings!

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