Downsizing Reduces Stress

Tiny is the New Big. Tiny Car. Tiny House. Tiny Bag. More men are becoming comfortable with the idea of good things coming in smaller packages. Times are changing and men are embracing innovative ways to utilize space and resources. Are you ready to get tiny?

It might be hard for American men to wrap their heads around the concept, but there’s a tiny revolution sweeping across Asia and Europe. Things are getting smaller. Luckily, I’m not talking about anatomy here. I’m talking about material things that men used to buy in bulk.

Are you ready for the tiny revolution?

3 Reasons to Go Tiny.

  • Managing fewer possessions could reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Downsizing could save you a ton of money both in the short and long term.
  • Having smaller possessions could be better for the environment.

Tiny Houses

Most American guys want a big house with a big backyard, man cave, huge garage and maybe even a swimming pool. Well, in Asia and Europe that dream just isn’t practical. In places where space comes at a premium, people are buying and building tiny homes to save money.

In Tokyo, IKEA is renting out tiny apartments that look like luxury prison cells to western eyes. These tiny apartments come with everything you need for life in the big city though. Imagine getting to live in the pricey Shinjuku district of Tokyo for less than $1 USD a month. Just think of all the fun activities you could afford to do.

Tiny homes aren’t just for big cities. People are building tiny homes in their backyards and using them for office space. Work from home is the new norm, but that doesn’t mean you need to sit on the couch for your 9 to 5.

These tiny houses are solar-powered, private, and inexpensive. You can transport them to a new location or make them permanent fixtures on your existing property. Some DIY guys can build their own tiny houses. You can even buy a Tiny House Construction Guide from Amazon for about $20 dollars.

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Tiny Cars

Some of the cars in the UK are laughably small, especially by American standards. The streets are very narrow in Europe and so are the parking spaces, so it makes sense for you to have a tiny car. It’s a European way of life.

Could you drive a tiny car in your city or town? You don’t have to get as small as this tiny car from Citreon.

How about the 2022 Chevrolet Spark instead? It’s a 2-door compact hatchback that gets 30 miles per gallon. It comes in 10 different funky colors. Even with all the top features, the Chevy Spark only costs $17,000. You might not have as much trunk space, but you’ll save a ton of money to spend elsewhere.

Just because you’re in the market for a tiny car doesn’t mean you need to scrape the bottom of the barrel. How about this. The MINI Cooper SE is a 2-door hatchback with an electric powertrain. You’ll never feel the crunch of soaring gas prices in this MINI. It’s got Euro styling, BMW engineering, and loads of high-tech features.

Tiny Bags

Are you still toting around a big, heavy backpack or a bulky duffle bag? You’re way out of fashion. Men’s bags are getting smaller because there’s less to carry these days. Your smartphone does practically everything and a slim wallet handles your money and ID.

A messenger bag is about all you need, but you can rock a bag that’s even smaller. Published By makes bags in Europe and these bags are quite unique. They’re inspired by small automotive components and accessories.

The straps look like rubber hoses and the bag itself is made to look like upcycled chrome from a car’s wheels. These small cross body bags are excellent choices for a night out with friends or a quick jaunt to the gym.

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Tiny Bikes

If you want to inject some fun into your life, then consider the exciting world of tiny motorbikes. Everything about a major city in Asia or Europe is hyper local. Everything you need is usually just a few blocks away. So, why not ditch the SUV and make some noise with a tiny bike.

Nobody does it better than Honda when it comes to small bikes. The Honda GROM is a zippy little two-wheeler that only costs $3,399. The GROM has a powerful 125cc fuel-injected engine and five gears. Slap on a customization color kit and you’ve got the hottest thing buzzing around the block for smokes and beer.

Then, there’s the Honda Trail 125. It’s a tiny off-road bike. It’s got a rugged look, plenty of power, and a semi-automatic, no clutch transmission. You can skip around town and turn down a dirt road with ease in the new Honda Trail 125. This tiny bike can help make life exciting again.

The Honda Trail 125 is durable and reliable enough for daily commutes to work. It’s street legal and costs below $4,000. The extra large fuel tank means that you’ll save money on gas and keep emissions low.

If these two tiny bikes aren’t enough to drag you away from an oversized lifestyle, check out the ICOMA Tatamel bike. It looks like something straight out of a cyberpunk scifi movie. The whole bike folds up into a square trunk mode for easy storage.

It’s so small, you could put it under your desk at the office. Is that your PC hard drive? No, it’s my ride home. Unfold it in a few easy steps and you’ve got the perfect little street bike for short runs around town.

Could You Be Happier with Less Stuff?

In Europe and Asia, people tend to do more with less. Tiny living spaces, tiny vehicles, and tiny accessories create a low maintenance lifestyle that has rapidly taken root in America, as well. You can save money and the environment by downsizing.

Will it make you happier?

Well, tiny is the new big when it comes to happiness. All the accumulated stuff can build up inside of your head and it all creates more stress than it’s worth in the long run. With less material goods to manage and less space to occupy, you develop an appreciation for the subtle niceties of life.

Enjoyment doesn’t come from the size of our lives, but the feeling that we get from experiences. So, if you’re feeling bogged down by the weight of all your belongings, think about going small. It could totally change your life.

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