I love wearing leggings or jeans and rarely wear anything that isn’t one of the two! As you may have seen before I am part of the blogger team for adidas so I wanted to share with you some of my favourite footwear from adidas to go with jeans!

What style jeans do I wear?

What colour jeans do you wear? I have some light blue ones, some indigo blue ones and some grey ones. I usually wear quite standard fit jeans or bootcut. Since I gained some weight I am less keen on skinny jeans!

I also have some blue unicorn denim type dungarees! I like to be a little unique and have been wearing super bright and colourful leggings a lot lately but sometimes they are a bit much, even for me!

My favourite footwear from adidas

As I have shared before, my favourite footwear are comfortable and perfect for jeans rather than running style shoes. I love colour too so the combinations are endless. I absolutely fell in love with the ones I chose.

Stuart wears jeans too and has a different style of choice. He isn’t as keen as me on bright colours so I think you will easily spot which are my choices below! This time I didn’t get Ben any new footwear as he has lots already and never wears jeans anyway!

My adidas with jeans choices

My first choice was these gorgeous purple shoes. They look perfect with any jeans and are just that bit more unique than the blue or white shoes everyone seems to own. They are based on the Campus 80 range but a little more fun in my opinion. The Campus 80 Xlarge shoes also come with a selection of laces to make them even more fun and vibrant!

My next choice was some super colourful shoes from the Pride range at adidas. They are so comfortable and an absolutely perfect fit that I could wear every day! Not only that but they fit my colourful style perfectly.

My third pair are some very denim style shoes from the Daily 3.0 range by adidas. They are really comfortable and a perfect style for with jeans in my opinion. I chose these as a less colourful alternative to the others for when I am having a more conservative day!

Stuarts adidas with jeans choices

Stuart also chose some footwear from the Daily 3.0 range to go with jeans however his are quite different to mine. Which do you prefer? There are a few different options available in the same comfortable shoes so why not choose some to fit your style?

The other pair of shoes Stuart chose are dark blue run falcon shoes. I do quite like them but they are definitely more Stuart’s style than mine. They look good and he finds them very comfortable too.

Prices for shoes at adidas

If you are considering buying some new shoes for with jeans at adidas then I can highly recommend them for good value. I bought all of the above for just over £200 with a voucher adidas gave me to choose some shoes to share with you.

The most expensive were only £75, the purple ones, so you can see how good value they are! I love that without spending too much I have some great new unique shoes to go with any jeans or leggings I choose!

adidas discount codes

If you are looking to save money on your shoes then be sure to sign up for free as a member in the top right hand corner of the website and get a 20% adidas discount! Depending how much you shop you can also bag other discounts such as free delivery!

I would also recommend checking out the adidas outlet for bargains on shoes they no longer stock in the main range!

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