Canadian Smokeshow, Impact Wrestling’s Super Star, and Certified BADASS, Chelsea Green is a woman very much on the move and an absolute force to be reckoned with.  With her warm gaze, tough-as-nails attitude, and gorgeous body, this beauty is absolutely unstoppable and absolutely ready to take over the wrestling industry.

You’re on the rise and you’re gaining more popularity by the minute. How surreal does it feel to see yourself succeed in your career? It’s funny, I don’t realize how far I’ve come until I really take a minute to stand still and look back at my journey. It’s been 7 years of hard work and I keep telling myself I’m not “there” yet, that there is more I have to do. But then I look back I realize I’ve been THERE all long, I’ve been living my dream every day for these 7 years.

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Wrestling is undoubtedly your passion, and you’re a natural. The road must not have been easy, however. When did you decide to become a wrestler, and what are some challenges you faced along
the way?
I was living in Calgary, Alberta Canada going to school to become a Kinesiologist when I decided to become a wrestler. I immediately fell in love with wrestling the minute I stepped in the ring. Of course, it hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies, although if I’m being honest, most of it is pretty damn good! So far I’ve broken my collarbone, my nose three times, and my arm three times. Wrestling can be tough on your body, to say the least! 

Chelsea Green - Fitness Gurls Canada. December / January 2021
Fitness Gurls Canada

The height of the pandemic has seen a significant rise of podcasts among various influencers, with even celebrities joining in on the fun. Can you tell us a little more about ‘Green with Envy’, and the inspiration behind you starting your own podcast?
I have wanted to host a podcast for a couple of years now, but like anything else, I needed some sort of push to actually get started. The pandemic was absolutely the push I needed. I felt that we could all use some lighthearted banter, some embarrassing stories, and some funny memories to laugh at together. So, the birth of Green with Envy happened! Well, at first it was called 50 Shades of Green, but that’s a story for another date. A cease and desist letter, and here we are with my weekly podcast, Green With Envy. I hope to satisfy my wrestling supporters with a little bit of work talk while also drawing in a new audience with stories of my ridiculous antics… and trust me, there’s no end to them! 

Chelsea Green - Fitness Gurls Canada
Fitness Gurls Canada – LHGFX


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