Many people trust dalia to be their go-to meal option. Reason? It is all things healthy and keeps us full for a longer period of time. Dalia is also one of the most preferred breakfast options. A bowl full of dalia can give an ideal start to your work day. Well we aren’t making such claims. Nutrition Lovneet Batra herself revealed it in one of her latest Instagram posts. Sharing a picture of sumptuous bulgur wheat dalia, she stated, “Thinking about a healthy breakfast? Try bulgur wheat dalia, that will leave you feeling full, and energised throughout the day.” 

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According to Lovneet, Bulgur (also spelled “bulghur”) is an incredibly versatile whole grain. And this fibre-rich food item is associated with the following health benefits:

  • Bulgur wheat is a rich source of fibre and phytonutrients, which may help improve your blood sugar control.
  • Regular intake of bulgur can promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria that produce short chain fatty acids (SCFAs). It supports intestinal health and proper digestive function. Additionally, bulgur may also be effective for treating and preventing digestion-related issues.
  • Bulgur wheat is packed with vitamin B6, which reduces homocysteine, an amino acid that is linked to cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin B6 breaks down homocysteine and reduces its concentration in the blood. 

Take a look:

If you want to include dalia in your daily meals, you can take some amazing ideas from here:

1)Barley daliya

This is a delicious preparation of barley, cooked with a variety of ingredients like mustard seeds, cumin, garlic, curry leaves, chickpeas and vegetable stock. 

2) Daliya vegetable khichdi

It carries the goodness of various vegetables including carrot, cauliflower, French beans, and peas put together into a single dish. 

3) Dalia pongal

Pongal is a popular rice dish from South India. Dalia Pongal is one wholesome dish wherein green gram and wheat rava are cooked with a few interesting seasonings and spices.  

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4) Oatmeal dalia

This could be an easy breakfast option on days when you are too busy to cook up an elaborate meal. Oatmeal dalia gets ready within half an hour and tastes good too.  

5) Chicken oats dalia

We have something for chicken lovers as well. Chicken oats dalia is a drool-worthy comforting meal that can help you deal with hunger pangs in the healthiest way possible.  

So, don’t forget to rustle up some good dalia meal for yourself at home.

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