British healthtech firm accuRx has announced the national roll-out of its patient-centred viewing system, Record View, in England and Wales.

The system is available to NHS healthcare professionals free of use, following a successful pilot with four integrated care systems (ICSs).

Record View allows NHS healthcare professionals to view a read-only summary of a patient’s GP medical record for up to 24 hours, with the patient’s explicit permission via multi-factor authentication


Already, 60% of GPs have opted-in to have their patient records viewed by healthcare professionals outside of primary care.

Since the national launch, 193 patient records have been viewed by 50 secondary care professionals including those working in acute, mental health and community NHS services.

Healthcare professionals can request to view a summary of a medical record during an in-person, virtual or phone consultation, regardless of where the patient lives.


In September last year accuRx announced £27.5 million Series B funding to continue growing its team and building products that will enable expansion into secondary care.

This followed the launch of the firm’s video interface during the pandemic which facilitated remote consultations and surveys to allow remote monitoring of patients with COVID-19 symptoms. 

The startup also developed a vaccine booking system, which has been used to manage more than 21 million vaccinations. 


Jacob Haddad, CEO and cofounder, accuRx said: “Record View saves huge amounts of clinical time by removing the laborious process of staff across different healthcare providers having to wait on hold to a GP practice, or wait for an email response, to get vital patient information.

“We built Record View in response to significant demand from health and care professionals for an efficient way to view the information in GP medical records when providing direct care to a patient. A benefit of Record View that differs from other solutions is that it doesn’t matter if the patient is in a different location to their GP – clinicians across the country are able to care for patients from a different area because the patient can decide to share their record.

“Safe record sharing is fundamental to delivering effective and high-quality care. If the contents of a patient’s record can’t be communicated efficiently, and with patient permission, healthcare professionals can’t provide the most effective care since they have no awareness of a patient’s previous medical history. Record View is part of accuRx’s broader vision to connect everyone involved in a patient’s care and is an important part of delivering integrated care.”

Ian Unitt, staff nurse at a low-secure forensic hospital for people with learning disabilities, said: “We have long waiting lists, so by the time we see a patient, it’s often the case that the information provided by the GP in the referral is out of date. Record View allows us to have the most recent information at our fingertips.”

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