Cycling is a sport that has piqued the interest of millions of people globally, especially those that are interested in different types of betting sports. If you are simply in it for the physical activity and incredible scenery, you’re probably on a constant search for the best, safest, and most rewarding routes. There is nothing quite like the feeling of peddling slowly past breathtaking views and being able to take it all in, which is an experience traveling by car can simply not give you.  

Whether you are a hardened local or a traveler seeking out brand new routes, cycling can add an element of both beauty and fitness to your experience of an area. Let’s be honest; we are all looking for a combination of moderate climbs, blissful descents, and awe-inspiring scenery, and this, my friend, is what we’ll be sharing with you. Unfasten your seat belt and climb onto your bicycle because we are sharing the best cycling routes in the USA. 

Top Coastline Route – Big Sur Highway
If you are looking for ocean panorama, sea breezes, and salty air, the USA offers incredible cycling routes just for you. The first route we’d suggest is the Big Sur Highway in sunny California. This route is about 90 miles long, with some challenging climbs, and it curves along the Pacific coastline. Although some of the climbs are tough, this route is suitable for avid and novice cyclists alike. This area boasts gigantic, ancient Redwood trees and cute, petite ocean towns. The Big Sur Highway is definitely a route you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s important to remember that the Big Sur River Inn restaurant has discounts for those cycling the Big Sur Highway every Thursday.  

Ancient Native American Trail – Natchez Trace Parkway
The Natchez Trace Parkway is yet another breathtaking cycling trail in North America. You’ll experience stretches of forest, waterways, and majestic waterfalls during your 444-mile pedal through this route which connects Natchez Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee. This trail is an ancient route of the Native Americans and is one of the oldest trails in North America. Luckily for us, there is relatively little auto traffic, and there is not even one traffic light or stop sign on the trail. You can expect smooth surfaces and gentle inclines. It’s such a treat to experience the trail in such a similar way to those who came before us.   

Ride in a Glacier National Park – Going-to-the-Sun Road 
Enter Montana’s Glacier National Park near the West Glacier entrance at the Apgar visitor center to begin your journey. Between the Apgar visitor center and the continental divide at Logan Pass, you’ll have pedaled 32 miles. The crazy part? All in all, you’ll have climbed about 3,000 feet! It’s an insane climb, but we swear it’s so worth it. 

Prepare yourself to experience incredible sceneries like Avalanche Creek, the Trail of Cedars, and many others along the way. Another thing that makes this route stand out is the opportunity for life-changing wildlife encounters with, and sightings of, bighorn sheep, black bears, grizzly bears, moose, and so much more. 

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An Easier Historic Trail – The Katy Trail 
This trail, situated in Missouri, is a wonderful route for those cyclists who love learning about history. Around half of the 240-mile route follows the same route up the Missouri River that Lewis and Clark took when they originally explored the Louisiana Purchase. As well as the rich history, the Katy Trail also boasts spectacular scenery and birdlife. The relatively flat route, which climbs only a few hundred feet, winds past quaint, small towns and farmland, where you may see eagles if you keep a lookout. This easier-on-the-legs trail is the longest rails-to-trails project in the U.S.  

All in all, the USA has some fantastic cycling routes to experience, which are both beautiful and steeped in deep and rich history. Every place you pass by has its own story to tell, and it would take a lifetime to experience the trails that North America has to offer fully. The trails mentioned above are definitely not to be missed by any serious cyclist, and they will be an experience you never forget. Pack up your bicycle and get on those juicy trails.  




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