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Everyone wants to look smart and pull that stunning look. Luckily, there are various outfits in the market, and you can get what best suits your taste. Chains are also worth mentioning. You’ll get them in multiple materials, and gold in particular stands out. These fashion accessories are stylistic and symbolize class aesthetic and social status. There are various things to consider when shopping, though!

 Check out ideas to guide you:

1. Pick the proper link.

Your choice of link type will impact the durability of your chain. For instance, flat chains such as the omega and herringbone are prone to twisting. The circular snake chains are more also likely to hook on your clothing and twist. It’s vital to consider the thickness of the links; this will define the look of your chin and outfit. The length also matters and will determine whether to wear a pendant.

2. The smoothness matters!

The surface of gold chains is a frequently ignored feature. Check to see if it’s smooth or not. If the surface is rough, it’ll likely irritate your skin. Examine the surface for sharp parts that could irritate your skin. However, you’ll get the best quality chains from leading stores, and itshot.com offers a wide range of choices to suit your taste.

3. Know the type you want.

Gold chains can be absolute gold or gold plated, and it’s wise to buy a genuine gold chain. Although the gold-plated chain is less expensive, it’s susceptible to rust and wears.

On the other hand, real gold is much more durable, making it the best choice for daily wear. Again, it’s stylish, and the chains can be hollow or solid. The hollow ones are cheaper and lighter but not much durable. Reliable chains are excellent choices; they are solid and long-lasting and have better drip.

4. Understand the karat

A gold chain’s karat number denotes its purity, with 24-karat being the highest karat available. The higher the karat, the more precious a gold chain is. Gold is soft, malleable, and readily dented even with a small force. It’s critical to know the purity of the gold you’re buying. For instance, 14-carat gold consists of 58.5 percent pure gold.

5. Consider thickness and length.

Most gold chains range from 14 to 30 inches. The length will determine your style and whether you’ll need a pendant or not. If you want a chain for day-to-day wear, shorter chains are ideal. For events and parties, longer chains work best.

Gold chains are made thick or thin depending on their intended usage. Consider the size of the pendant if you’re planning to use the chain to hold it. Also, ensure that the chain is thick enough to support the weight of the pendant.

6. Evaluate the gold’s quality.

Gold jewelry is costly, and some dealers might want to confuse you with counterfeits. Therefore, follow the below ideas to differentiate between a real and fake chain.

  • Magnet-This is an easy test to undertake. Pure gold is non-magnetic, so if it’s attracted to a magnet, it means that it has alloys in it.

  • Hallmark-A hallmark is a microscopic engraving on the surface of gold jewelry frequently placed in inconspicuous places. It indicates the gold chain’s purity and material. A hallmark will appear on the work of any reputable gold chain manufacturer.

  • Porcelain test-Rubbing the material against an unglazed porcelain tile is one of the simplest ways to see if it’s real. Examine the color left on the tile by the chain. A bright yellow stain should be visible if it is genuine gold. It will leave a black stripe if it’s fake.

To sum up, jewelry plays a significant role in our dressing code and looks. However, it can be daunting to choose quality gold chains, and the mentioned tips will guide you in the selection.


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